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Long-Time Partners Meeting Needs in Ukraine

One Challenge’s mission worker Bob has spent 18 years bringing Christian camp and evangelical ministries to former Soviet Union countries, using Ukraine as the base of this ministry. Ukraine is one of the most Christian nations in Eastern Europe and has been open to the growth of the gospel. Using those connections, Bob is now coordinating with long-time partners meeting needs in Ukraine.

Partnering in Ukraine

“We helped develop many Christian camps, ran evangelistic sports leagues, and organized orphan ministries with thousands of people involved in adoption and ministry,” Bob says. “Today, in Ukraine, I helped mentor leaders in seven organizations – 30 leaders with several hundred people under their wings.”

Partnering in Ukraine
Bob on the right, pictured with Pastor Rudi Dück

When war broke out in Ukraine at the end February, Bob reached out to these pastors and leaders he has mentored over the years.

“Ministries and facilities in Ukraine have now turned into relief organizations, with hundreds of refugees sleeping in gyms, meeting halls, and tents,” Bob says.

Counseling Over Social Media

He regularly receives messages on social media, giving updates and asking for counsel.

“I’m on social media day and night counseling/mentoring my people in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Moldova, Slovakia, Lithuania, and yes, even Russia. This is emotionally draining, as these people are like family to me,” Bob says.

Providing Aid

Outside the country, partners are working to send in supplies. “In March, ministry partners in Germany housed hundreds of refugee families and are the sending agency for donated medicines, food, and clothing,” Bob says. “We’ve played a part in sending 120 tons of supplies from Germany, through Poland, to three of our facilities in Ukraine.”

Partnering in Ukraine

“Our Shelter Plus facility in Ukraine is near the city of Mariupol where extreme devastation and loss of life have taken place,” Bob says. “We are sheltering many refugees plus helping in transport to Poland, about 200 special needs children from the war zone. Our ministries in Kyiv have become strategic places delivering humanitarian supplies along with a message of hope.”

One critical need is a van to transport goods and people between our facilities in Germany.

Partnering in Ukraine

Pray with One Challenge

Please join us in praying for partners meeting needs in Ukraine:

  • Pray for partner Rudi Dück who is leading the massive relief effort from his 600-member church in Germany: 1,200 refugee families around his evangelical churches,
  • Pray for Bob as he gives counsel, actively ministering to many refugee families. Bob says: “Through our German partners and facilities, we are developing a multi-year plan with rescue funds, to help during these difficult days. We’ve helped organize online schools, sport leagues, and are doing extensive counseling.
  • Pray for funds for the van.
  • Pray for the ongoing need of the refugees. Many have lost loved ones, livelihoods, and their homes. The needs will not end with the end of the war.

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