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Member Care

Caring for Workers through Intentional Programs

Care for mission workers is the driving force behind One Challenge’s summer programs. Whether training or retreat, OC focuses on healthy individuals who feel heard and understood.


Training – CORE

OC’s training program, CORE, cares for new workers (and their kids) by preparing them for cross-cultural ministry. Experienced OC mission workers help guide them through sharing their story and discovering their gifting and purpose. They listen, mentor, and care for them. New workers also learn more about One Challenge and start to develop skills for how to enter a new culture well – with learning and research.

Renewal – PEP

After years of cross-cultural ministry, OC workers come to Colorado for a rest and renewal retreat called PEP (Personnel Enrichment Program).


Care for weary workers is the focus of the retreat. This is a time for workers (and their kids) to share and debrief their experiences from their recent years of service in cross-cultural ministry.


Since OC cares for the whole family, kids also share in their peer groups and then debrief as a family. Together, we grieve the losses and celebrate the joys.


In addition, workers share and debrief their observations of OC as an organization. Professional counselors are available at the retreat for anyone who needs to process more.

OC’s commitment to care is an essential building block of our ministries all over the world.

Read more about OC’s summer programs at:

Member Care One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge wants to encourage a high level of care for global workers, providing the opportunity for them to thrive in their countries of service, bringing the best of who they are to the kingdom growth effort. We pursue genuine relationships and accountability in family, friendship, team, ministry, and local communities of faith.

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