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Reflections from the Autumn 2022 OC Board Meetings

God met with us; the room was energized. We enjoyed our time together! Such reflections emerged from the U.S. OC Board meetings held at the US-MC in Autumn 2022.

Board members were encouraged by updates on the state of the mission and heard numerous examples of how OC workers “come alongside” indigenous leaders. Members of the Executive Leadership Team shared from their areas of responsibility. Field workers provided special reports on East Asia, Ukraine, and our synergetic relationship with our sister mobilization center co-located in the USA.

The Board is keen to safeguard OC’s future and provide wise oversight to OC’s ministry, people, and finances. Toward that end, significant discussion was devoted to the Board’s fiduciary responsibility alongside staff to understand our changing realities and prepare for OC’s future. A host of ideas were suggested, including expanded use of dashboards, ongoing board education, prioritization of issues for board sessions, etc.

OC U.S. President Dean Carlson with Murray
Murray hand off to Dale

Board members can serve a maximum of three 3-year terms. Mishal Montgomery and Howard Morrison both completed nine years of service. Jerry Kelow (a local businessman) was accepted as a new member, and Michele Wilson and Heidi Baker were reappointed. Murray Moerman completed three years of service as Board chair and passed the baton to Dale Micetic. Murray will continue as chair of the Strategy and Ends Committee.

Jerry with Dean

Several Board members will be attending the OC Leadership Conference, and a majority plan to participate in the October 2023 Vision Trip to Portugal and Spain.

We’re blessed to have a Board that loves Jesus profoundly, cares for OC passionately, and experiences the kingdom in fresh ways as they work and fellowship together!

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