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Momentum – Moving with God in Our Changing World

Momentum is a powerful force in nature and in life. Imagine an avalanche cascading down a mountain slope or a cyclist propelled downhill by the force of gravity. Even better, think of a crew team slicing through the water as they row in cadence together. Momentum intensifies forward motion.


Momentum Moves

Last fall, 100 OC leaders gathered from around the globe to discern how God is uniquely moving in our world today. We celebrated kingdom accelerators such as explosive disciple-making movements, the growth of Christianity in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and the surge in majority world missions.

God met with us. Propelled by his faithfulness over OC’s 70 years, we’re taking aim at the future and leaning boldly into changes needed to stay on the cutting edge. Centering in the flow of God’s global mission, five-year strategic outcomes are guiding us forward.

God is Mission in Motion

OC’s 2023 theme is “Momentum: moving with God in our changing world.” Inspired by how Paul pioneered the gospel in Athens, our theme verse is: “For in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). Mission is about seeing what God is doing and moving with him. He is always on the move and invites us to flow in his love to lost individuals and broken communities of every kind. His heart especially beats for the billions of precious people currently beyond the reach of the gospel.

Drawn into His Momentum

Momentum builds when we all focus on the same destination. Alignment accelerates! Together we must remain attuned to his voice, connected to his heart and courageously obedient to his ways. Momentum builders include shared vision, passion, unity, learning, collaboration, and the tenacity to navigate change.

We’re excited to move with you through 2023! We’re rowing together. Clearly, your partnering with OC propels kingdom advance! Your love for Jesus and desire to make him known accelerates the advance of the good news to those who have never heard. May you sense the joy of God’s adventure as we follow him forward together!

New Year’s Message from the Carlsons

Missions Mobilization We seek to empower the whole body of Christ to bring a transforming love and hope to all people. The role of the OC US-MC is to recruit, send, and care for the administrative and personal needs of all those being sent from the USA. The US-MC is one of 15 Mobilization Center members of the OC Global Alliance, partnering together to effectively deploy people to serve on multiethnic and multinational OC Global Alliance ministry teams in nations around the world. We have teams in East Asia, Europe, Latin America, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, North America (Canada and USA), Southeast Asia, Southern Africa – over 40 countries in all. We have impact ministry in many more. For more information, please email OC Mobilization at Or go to our Mobilization blog, Prepare for Impact, at

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  • Scott Horrell says:

    “Momentum. Moving with God in our changing world.” This is really beautiful and propels us forward rather looking back at setbacks and failures. The world is always changing. This reminds us that love for our Lord and the gospel is always creative, effusive, and moving forward.

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