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The OC Global Alliance (OC GA) is an association of 15 sending centers spread across the world. All members of the OC GA share a common vision, mission, values, and strategy. This commitment to partnership multiplies the love of Jesus to grow new believers in the global church.

With round table discussion and a flat leadership model, the hope is to reflect our own reality and that of the global mission effort. By working together, OC GA members show unity of mind, spirit, and purpose; and we believe God blesses such unity.

A New Role

Craig K, current OC GA moderator, has accepted an invitation to develop a new leadership position with the OC GA. The hope in creating this new position is to help coordinate communication and collaboration between our partners. The OC GA now has 15 missions Mobilization Centers worldwide, representing almost 1,200 mission workers. Craig will serve as a coach, champion, facilitator, and ambassador for the OC Global Alliance.

Join Us in Prayer

  • Pray for the upcoming OC GA meetings in southern Spain this May. Pray for an increased time of collaboration and unity.
  • Pray for Craig in his new role, that he would have discernment to help create this position and facilitate increased collaboration and communication.
  • Pray for more to join in the OC GA efforts to see the world impacted by the gospel.



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