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In the early morning of February 6 at 4:15 a.m. a massive earthquake registering 7.8 in magnitude struck southeastern Turkey causing death and destruction across 10 provinces in Turkey and more in Syria. Nine hours later another 7.5 earthquake added to the demolition of people’s lives.  

Adana, Turkey – February 6, 2023

As of the time of this writing over 40,000 deaths have been reported with many thousands more still buried under the rubble. Tens of thousands of buildings have been destroyed, instantly making their inhabitants homeless. The government and the international community have been overwhelmed by the scale of destruction and by the depth of suffering.  

A tent city created for earthquake victims in the province of Hatay, Turkey.

One Challenge workers are seeking the best way to provide relief and care to those affected. A few are considering a potential temporary relocation to one of the devastated cities to help in the recovery effort. This team would manage a distribution center and and visit different families and neighborhoods to spend time with people who need care.

Opportunities to be involved:

  • Is God calling you to go and volunteer for a season? Prayerfully consider if the Lord is calling you.
  • You can also contribute toward the needs of this project. On the donation form, you can choose to give a One Time Donation or a Recurring Donation. Click the button and fill out the online form by selecting Fund and Other Designation. Then type the Note: “Turkey Earthquake Relief.”


Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for a team to be mobilized to effectively minister to the families who have suffered.
  • Pray for the ongoing rescue and relief efforts in both Turkey and Syria.
  • Pray for many to feel the love of Christ during this time.

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