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Exciting Growth in Thailand

God is at work changing the hearts and lives of people all over the world. One Challenge and Philippine Challenge (PC) are excited to be a part of the work happening through church planting networks in Thailand.

church planting

In the last couple of years, COVID has altered church planting in Thailand. Just recently trainers from PC, our OC Global Alliance partners, were able to go and assess church planting efforts happening in the country.

The Lord at Work

Between 2020 and 2022, here’s what’s happened:

  • 16 new churches planted!
  • One of our trainers, Pastor Wanchai, has trained and mobilized more than half of his members to lead Outreach Bible Studies. They are bearing much fruit!
  • One new church planting training network started in January.
  • Three new church planting networks will start soon.
  • Many more locations are requesting church planting training.
church planting

God is moving people toward the hope of the gospel. Many new believers have been baptized, both through churches and Outreach Bible Studies.

church planting
church planting

History to Now

Filipino trainers were going into Thailand every month to conduct church planting trainings from 2016-2019. “In 2018, we trained 10 of the top Thai trainees to also become church planting trainers. They were leading their own trainings from 2018-2020, until COVID hit,” says Dave W, an OC and PC worker.

With these new opportunities, Thai trainers will handle the training, coached by Filipinos. However, there aren’t enough of Thai trainers to meet all the new opportunities. “Our Filipino trainers will go back to Thailand in April to train more church planting trainers,” Dave says. “The best Thai trainers will assist them in this training.”

church planting
church planting
church planting
church planting

Champions of the Cause

Some of the influential Thai leaders joining PC and OC in this effort are Pastor Somai, Pastor Sitichai, and Pastor Khem.

“Pastor Somai has become a very fruitful church planter and effective trainer,” Dave says. “He was recently given the position of National Director of Church Planting for his denomination, the largest in Thailand. He’s excited to spread church planting training to all their churches.”

Pastor Sitichai, one of our leaders and the pastor of a very influential church, has recently become a Regional Director for the second largest denomination. “He’s also eager to see church planting training come to all their churches,” Dave says.

church planting

There’s a lot to do and a lot to coordinate. “Pastor Khem, one of our best trainers, feels a very strong leading from the Lord to join OC, full time, to serve as our National Director of Church Planting in Thailand,” Dave says. “We’ve been praying for someone like this!”

Pray with One Challenge

The Lord’s working in Thailand is clear! “We have very high hopes,” Dave says. “Let’s pray for all of this, and for continued fruit as we make disciples in Thailand.”

  • Pray for Pastor Khem as he pursues joining the mission effort full time to serve as National Director of Church Planting in Thailand. Pray for open doors, wisdom, and funding.
  • Pray for Pastor Somai and Pastor Sitichai as they lead their congregations and denominations in this church planting effort. Pray for people to step forward and become disciple makers and church planters.
  • Pray for PC and OC trainers from the Philippines who are coaching new trainers. Pray that through this coaching and training, many will come to Christ.
church planting
church planting

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