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Seeds of the Gospel in Spain

The University of Northwestern Minnesota women’s soccer team took the Cordoba Province of Spain by storm. On their short-term trip, in partnership with Sports Ambassadors, they encouraged pastors, served communities, and shared the gospel. In the area, with an estimated population of 173,000, only 10% have heard the gospel. There are only three churches in the area. 


Dave, who serves with Sports Ambassadors, says: “This is very difficult soil, spiritually speaking. Yet, God seems to be moving! So many gospel seeds were planted with students, soccer clubs, parents, and even town municipal leaders. As these ladies shared their story and the gospel with their hearts, I sensed people listened with their hearts.”

One afternoon after a hard tournament, one of the team members broke into tears sharing her testimony and the gospel. “She was overwhelmed recalling God’s grace in her life,” Dave says. “Those listening, who more than likely had never heard the gospel before, also started to tear up.” Among those listening was the town mayor, who asked questions about the message the following day.

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The team was able to partner with local churches and church planters in sharing the gospel. This was an amazing opportunity for the churches there, but also left the team changed as they saw the need of this country. 


Pray with One Challenge


  • The success of the trip in opportunities provided by God and the sharing of the gospel.
  • The safety of the team.


  • The gospel shared will be nurtured and bear fruit. 
  • God will continue to guide and strengthen the church planter partners there as God works in and through them.
  • For God’s continued work in the lives of the team who came across to Spain.