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Planting Seeds of Prayer at Christmas

Is it not incredible that, nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus prayed for us? The Savior of the world stopped on the day he was betrayed to pray for you and me.

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you,” John 17:20-21.

As Christmas quickly rounds the corner, and we gather to celebrate the incarnation, we look forward, even in Christ’s birth, to his sacrifice on the cross. As we reflect on Jesus’ earthly ministry, he taught us to pray. We’re in awe of that blessing.

Prayer Plants Seeds

One Challenge seeks to be a Spirit-led organization united in prayer around God’s purposes. The seeds planted through our prayers are marked with his DNA and enveloped in biblical promise. When sown from surrendered hearts, they are wildly generative and bear unlimited potential for fruitfulness. Just as rich soil is designed to cause seeds to grow, the kingdom of God is designed to make our prayers grow.

Reflecting on Jesus’ birth and the events that followed, we see the seeds planted in these biblical encounters with God. Each can inspire us toward greater attentiveness to his voice and alignment in planting seeds of hope for others.

Simeon and Anna – Seed Sowers

For years Simeon and Anna had waited on God for the promised Messiah. Through the seasons of life, both had learned to be led of the Spirit, taught by the Word and tenacious in holding onto God’s promises. Neither had become jaded with age. They never gave up sowing seeds of hope through their prayers.

Luke 2 describes how Simeon was “moved by the Spirit.” Anna is described as worshipping night and day. Both retained a passionate expectancy in their faith. And God kept his promise. They finally met Jesus face-to-face. With baby Jesus in his arms, Simeon’s joy overflows into a song for the nations, called the Nunc Dimittis. Simeon praised God for doing what he promised and anticipated what was yet to come.

Prayer is a Step Toward Others

legacy giving

Prayer lets the Holy Spirit work in you. Prayer changes us. Prayer for your community, your city, your country is a simple step toward living a missional life. It begins to open us up to those around us. To see others how God sees them.

“Prayer keeps us looking. Prayer keeps the burden fresh. It keeps our eyes and hearts in an expectant mode. Prayer doesn’t force God’s hand. But it keeps us on the lookout for his intervention.”

– Andy Stanley

Pray With Us and Plant Seeds of Hope

Each December, One Challenge workers across the world engage in a specific prayer challenge for the organization. This year, OC is inviting you to join our prayers.

  • Pray our partners and supporters will experience shalom in life and fruitfulness in service as they align with God’s purposes in our world.
  • Pray new workers will feel God’s calling germinate in their hearts – those we may know, and those only God knows.
  • Pray with us toward special year-end giving to the Seed Fund. The Seed Fund maximizes the United States Mobilization Center’s ability to serve OC global workers.
  • Pray for hope to come to our under-supported brothers and sisters in OC. We are looking to the Lord to provide from within the OC community to assist our fellow workers.

Join us throughout December as we plant seeds through the prayers we lay at the feet of our Lord.