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Tilling a Garden Seeds Innovation

Everything beautiful starts with a seed. The potential for life exists within something so delicate and small. As our prayers sow seeds of hope, the work is not yet done.

What does it take to make a seed sprout? The richness of the soil. The nutrients that feed the seedling. Watering – not too much or too little. The right amount of sunlight. Weeding. Pruning.

Advancement Can Lead to Growth

In Jesus’ day, the gardener was limited by what he and his family were able to do within the daylight hours. Their knowledge was shaped by superstition based on observation and belief.

In contrast, farmers today use science to enhance the soil and fertilize seeds. Technology and machinery allow thousands of acres to be planted, watered, weeded, and harvested in a matter of days.

In a similar way, sharing the gospel was originally done in person and through letters, which were shared from place to place. Mission workers, like the apostle Paul, carried the message beyond the borders of Israel to much of the known world amid extreme persecution.

Today, using technology, an idea can be shared around the world in an instant and in multiple languages. The idea of every eye seeing Jesus at his return is a reality.  

Cultivating the Spread of the Gospel

The thought of what could be is alive at OC, just as the potential of life lives within a seed. The Seed Fund* is an opportunity to cultivate that potential. One way we hope to use the Seed Fund is by learning and using technology to help the gospel reach the whole world.

The average person spends nearly seven hours a day online, with 2.5 hours being on social media. This is a harvest field where the opportunity to reach millions waits. The Lord can use OC in new and exciting ways in this space for the gospel.

Prayer Fortifies Ministry

Prayer is the vital first step in ministry, just as feeding and watering a plant helps it grow. Please join us in prayer.

  • Praise the Lord for the gifts already given to One Challenge. He is meeting us in new ways.
  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing to the Seed Fund. Pray it would be used for his purposes.
  • Pray for wisdom in how to use technology to help the gospel reach the ends of the earth.
  • Pray our partners and supporters will experience shalom in life and fruitfulness in service as they align with God’s purposes in our world.
  • Pray new workers will feel God’s calling germinate in their hearts – those we may know, and those only God knows.
  • Pray with us toward special year-end giving to the Seed Fund. The Seed Fund maximizes the United States Mobilization Center’s ability to serve OC global workers.
  • Pray for hope to come to our under-supported brothers and sisters in OC. We are looking to the Lord to provide from within the OC community to assist our fellow workers.

*The Seed Fund is new terminology for the “general fund” — the heart of fully giving to the Lord for His purposes is unchanging.