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Global Mobilization

ONE Together – Workers in God’s Service

As we move together into 2024, we are so grateful to journey with you in serving Jesus!

Though you manage a full life, you make room in your heart for friendship with OC workers. Though pressed by daily demands, you pause to pray for One Challenge. Though your budget is tight, you give generously to bring hope to people far from God. Though you would love to have family members live nearby, you’re supportive when they serve abroad. We celebrate that God sees your faithfulness and will reward you far out of proportion to your sacrifice.

Speaking for OC staff worldwide, we sincerely commend you for allowing God’s grace to flow through you in such meaningful ways. Your attentiveness warms our hearts, your support strengthens many hands, and your collaboration is taking the Good News where it’s never been before.

Indeed, God-honoring teamwork accelerates kingdom advance. I’m amazed at how the Lord is bringing together people with unique stories to participate in his singular mission. He’s placed a gift in each of our hands and calls us to offer them together to make him known.

It’s with your teamwork in mind that we’ve chosen “ONE” as OC’s 2024 theme. Inspired by Paul’s teamwork across the Roman Empire, we’re highlighting 1 Corinthians 5:9, “for we are co-workers in God’s service.”

The Great Commission is a great adventure. That’s as true for you in your community as it is beyond our borders. Let’s follow Jesus with renewed courage this year and discover how he will unite our efforts to transform lives, communities, and nations!

ONE with you in Jesus,