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Steps of Obedience—Small Changes, Huge Impact

In part one of “Steps of Obedience,” I shared how a prophetic dream led me to being on a plane in less than a month to spend a year teaching at Faith Academy. A dramatic story of a lesson in obedience leading to little tangible, traditional fruit.

Today—a barber, a chair, a challenge, and growth for the kingdom.

Bards’ Story

Bards Vidal is a barber. A nominal believer, and he always felt the need to keep his barbershop open every day, including Sunday, to make ends meet. Because of this, he rarely participated in church.

Bards challenge from the Holy Spirit came through his pastor. Pastor Ferdie challenged Bards and his wife to test the Lord by seeking Him first and giving time to Him. As they did and became active in the church, they grew in their faith and were soon baptized.

Pastor Ferdie saw Bards growth and strong faith and invited him to join Philippine Challenge’s church planting training. Bards came and quickly began to apply what he learned in his daily life as he continued to cut hair.

Your “Yes” Can Change Others

This isn’t a story of how Bards, the barber, changed his life and became a prolific church planter or great speaker. No, he obediently committed to discipling others, making a small change to close his shop on Sundays to hold Bible studies.

He is still a barber, sharing the gospel as he cuts hair. Many of his customers have now been baptized. Bards is now in training to pastor a new church of these believers. But he is not quitting his profession. God gave him a talent he continues to use to support his family, but also to share the gospel.

Sometimes the step of obedience is a leap of faith, like moving across the world. Sometimes, it’s a simple yes to being involved in your church community. God uses both things for the betterment of his kingdom.

Kelli, Journalist, US-Mobilization Center