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Annual Report

You can see a summary here of the Lord’s blessing on OC’s ministry and finances in our OC Annual Report. 

Each March we have a new annual report prepared by One Challenge and the OC Global Research Team. This reports on the OC Global Alliance (OC-GA), made of 15 autonomous mission sending centers that voluntarily work together to share resources and experience to fulfill common vision, mission, values, and strategy.

Please enjoy flipping through this online copy or download a copy!

Download/Print 2022 Report

2022 Annual Report – Momentum Matters

God is on the move and invites us to join in what he’s doing. He’s moving in more creative ways, sharing his love in more languages, and displaying his majesty in more cultures than ever before.

Momentum is building. We’re seeing collaboration unleash new ministry initiatives and accelerate progress across the global body of Christ. Mission is surging from Asia, Africa, and Latin America and is reflected in the impact of the OC Global Alliance. It’s gaining force with the increasing flow of migrants who now live in close contact with Christ-followers.

Movements are multiplying. Disciple-making movements are flowing across barriers from one unreached group to another. As movements reproduce movements, Jesus is being made known in places long hidden from the gospel.

Momentum matters! Missions is about seeing God at work and moving with him. It’s being drawn into the forward motion of his love toward lost individuals and broken communities.

This 2022 annual report points to God’s momentum through the OC Global Alliance and celebrates the impact of your teamwork with us. Let’s keep moving together!