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OC Ministries in Asia

OC is defined by its vision and strategy rather than some particular activity. Thus, there is tremendous freedom to innovate within our vision and strategy. In Asia, OC mission workers have done everything from MK education to theological education to discipleship training to holistic ministry to research and church planting.

What We Do

+ Research
+ Church Planting + Growth
+ Leadership Development
+ Sports Ministries
+ Education (MK)
+ Education (Adult)
+ Holistic Ministry

Where We Are

Region: Southeast Asia
Resident Countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Region website:
Philippine Challenge Mobilization Center
OC Singapore Mobilization Center

Region: East Asia
Resident Countries: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan

Why Ministry Workers are Needed

Principle Religion: Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Chinese folk religion, Shinto, Shamanism
Percent Evangelical: 3.53%

Asia Ministry Blog Posts

sports ministryAsiaSports

Sports Ministry Amid the Storm

A team of nine men from varied ministry backgrounds headed to Taiwan with Sports Ambassadors for two weeks of games, clinics, and sports ministry. They worked with churches, church leaders,…
sports ministryAsiaEuropeSports

Sports Ministry in Spain and Taiwan

“By God’s Grace, this team has shared the gospel with more people in two days than we are able to in a year!” – Ossman (Spanish church planter) Spain –…
holistic ministryAsiaHolistic MinistrySpecial Projects

Hands that Heal — Training Caregivers of Trafficking Survivors

Prayer. Care. Learning. Connection. These are just a few focal points of the recent Hands that Heal training for caregivers of trafficking survivors in Southeast Asia. Hands that Heal is…
church plantingAsiaChurch Planting

Exciting Growth in Thailand

God is at work changing the hearts and lives of people all over the world. One Challenge and Philippine Challenge (PC) are excited to be a part of the work…
AsiaHolistic MinistrySpecial Projects

Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief

In the early morning of February 6 at 4:15 a.m. a massive earthquake registering 7.8 in magnitude struck southeastern Turkey causing death and destruction across 10 provinces in Turkey and…
What Really MattersAsiaSpiritual Formation

Two Core Indexes of Life

In our interaction with so many families at a close range, we have seen a core internal struggle of misalignment between their professed faith and daily practices. This misalignment consistently…

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