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We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. Know that your prayers matter – everyday.

Prayer support is foundational to everything we do. You play a critical role as you partner with us in prayer for mission workers overseas, in the United States, and at the U.S. Mobilization Center. We feel the prayers of our partners carrying us.

Daily Prayer Points

September 1
Please pray for the shipping of the books collected at the US-MC for the United College of Theology and Mission (Asia) as it has been more difficult than original research indicated to get the books shipped all the way to their destination.  Ask for God’s provision of a good shipper and solution.  

September 2
Join Steve (Lifeworkx) in thanking God for all of Lifeworkx’ global partners and certified trainers who are well-positioned to invest in the next generation of global leaders in their respective nations. 

September 3
Praise God with Steve (Lifeworkx) for the 23 Korean workers who were able to reframe their stories and move into their true identity in Christ.  

September 4
Pray with Cooper and Taylor (Asia) for a group of local believers in their area who have been trafficked and are being held in a warehouse and forced to make scam phone calls abroad. They are being physically and mentally abused.  Pray for God to break down walls and make a way of escape. 

September 5
Pray with Andrea (CAMENA) as she transitions back to teaching full-time.  Pray for her preparation and for the students that will be in her classroom this year as well as their families.  

September 6
Praise God with Dave (Global Sports) as he reports that after setting up for volleyball and praying for the Lord to bring those he is drawing to himself, within 20 minutes people from at least six different nations came and had spiritual conversations – several went to church with them on Sunday!  

September 7
Join Jay and Sarah (Africa) in praying for the 10 students in their Lose Your Life training as they will have a 5-day outreach before a debrief and their graduation.  Pray for the impact of their outreach as they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in proclaiming the Kingdom.  

September 8
Praise God as Dave and Sandy (Asia) are very encouraged with the progress the Lord gave at their Trainers’ Upgrade last week. Ongoing trainings are bearing strong fruit, new trainings continue to open steadily, and they’re working some of the important bugs out.  

September 9
Steve (Mexico) is thanking God that a major denomination, which is implementing the Discipling and Pastoring of Pastors model throughout their denomination, ran a training event for 70 pastors based on a hybrid mentoring-coaching model in which Steve previously trained 50 regional pastors.  

September 10
Ask God for wisdom and guidance with Ben and Debora (CAMENA) as they prepare to move to their new field.  May God open doors and make the way.  

September 11
Pray for Joel and Sue (Asia) as they prepare for travel to the field.  Pray for travel mercies, but especially for their time in country and for progress and growth of DMM work.  

September 12
Pray for David (US-MC) as he prepares for the upcoming AD meetings and also for three other task forces that he is involved in to help OC diligently pursue God’s direction for our work across the globe.  

September 13
Pray for Dean (US-MC) and others who are preparing for the Board meetings, Sept 14-16.  

September 14
Join Joel and Irena (CAMENA) in thanking God for the amazing ways (by God’s amazing provision) in which the church has been able to give out so much aid to those in need. Continue to pray for peace.  

September 15 
Pray with Y and E (Asia) as they seek possible ways to start on-site seminary teaching in the near future. They want to continue training more teachers. Pray for new students too!  

September 16
Praise the Lord with Josh (Lifeworkx) for a blessed Lifeworkx event for the executive leadership team of Fedemec. Pray the 12 people on the team and various guests will continue to experience transformation and unity through what God does through Lifeworkx training. 

September 17
Praise God with us for his mighty hand of power in our weakness and dire need! We keep experiencing his Spirit doing acts to expand his kingdom through us sinners, saved by his grace. – Ken (South America)  

September 18
Continue to lift up Craig and Heather (Outreach Canada) as they have moved to Tennessee. Craig is working as the Director for Global Collaboration of the OC Global Alliance and continuing as the outgoing Executive Director of Outreach Canada. Pray for provision and grace in this transition as Craig wears these two hats.  

September 19 
Lift up Terry and Maija (US-MC) as they join the OC vision trip to Spain and Portugal in early October. Ask God to provide the needed funds. Pray for Maija as she begins her new role as Executive Administrative Assistant for a partnering organization.  

September 20
Join Dan (Global Research Team) in praising God that, for the first time, Operation World and the Center for the Study of Global Christianity are working cooperatively (with the GRT) to update estimates of the world’s Christian population.  

September 21
Pray with Dan and Michelle (Home Assignment) over this next year in the U.S. Pray they would know how to love their neighbors well. They want JESUS to be their focus and to share His love with all those around them.  

September 22
Pray with Dan (Sport Ambassadors), David (Asia), and Huy as they meet with Hanoi Soccer League leadership to understand ways to partner for community outreach. 

September 23
Pray with OC and several partnering organizations as they will hold initial discussions for the establishment of Cross-Culture Training Center in a nation in Southeast Asia. Please ask the Lord to grant wisdom, faith, and unity to see this vision come to fruition. 

September 24
Pray with Dave and Deb (Asia) as they depart the field and will relocate to the U.S. They will continue ministry in partnership with OC Singapore. Pray for good closure, smooth transition, and fruitful establishment and multiplication of ministry opportunities, especially for Deb and Julia’s Hope Women’s Ministry in both Vietnam and the U.S.  

September 25
Y and E (Asia) praise God for the summer mission team from LA that just finished serving in their country. The team led two Vacation Bible Schools in two different cities! 

September 26 
Eric (US-MC) and his team will complete their year of coaching church planters and church planter coaches. Pray for good closure with these cadres, a good approach to continued training events and plans and mostly for fruitful disciples and churches coming from their efforts. 

September 27 
Ask the Lord to guide leadership of our ministry partner Hanoi Bible College in their selection of the 30 new pastors who will enter the Ministry Leadership Training Institute (MLTI) three-year program. Ask the Lord to give wisdom to those who will prepare these eight leaders for their new role as teachers of teachers.  

September 28
David and Cherie (U.S. Mobilization Center) will be facilitating a Pastoring of Pastors training. Pray for them as they prepare. Ask the Lord to help the team with the complex logistical needs. 

September 29
Pray for ministries in Singapore as it is one of the world’s most prosperous countries with strong international trading links and with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe.  

September 30
J and J (Asia) request prayer for the start at a new school, and for getting to know and be a light to new neighbors after moving apartments. 

Pray for Our Workers + Their Partners

Our workers, their families and partners have a variety of prayer needs. Here’s how you can pray for them as they live out their calling.

Join us in praying for: 

  • Their testimony — in words, actions, and attitudes
  • Physical needs, health, safety, and security
  • Wisdom in all aspects of their ministry and family life
  • Harmony among colleagues and their partner organizations, a spirit of unity powered by the Holy Spirit
  • Their children’s protection, sense of security in new places, and personal journey with Jesus
  • Knowledge and discernment from the Lord when making strategic decisions
  • Love for the people they are serving 
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Pray for Our Global Alliance

We all have the same mission. To see nations transformed for Christ. Join us in prayer for our sending centers, ministry members, and global associates.

Join us in praying for the OC Global Alliance for:

  • For the Lord’s direction for the GA Guidance Team as they seek to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among the mobilization centers
  • That the Lord will bring the personnel needed to effectively follow through on the growing number of strategic ministry opportunities be presented
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Pray For Our Impact Countries

Whether it’s Asia, Africa, Europe, or the Americas, we covet your prayers for spiritual breakthrough, the growth of healthy leadership, fruitful ministry, and hope against obstacles.

Join us in praying for impact countries:

We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world.

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Resources for Spiritual Formation

Spiritual disciplines are practices to develop, grow, and strengthen our spirit — to build the “muscles” of one's character. This includes practicing the presence of God through prayer, growing in the Word through Bible study, worshiping through music or Scripture reading, and more.

What Spiritual Formation Resources Look Like:

  • Blog posts
  • Video series
  • Prayer exercises
  • Images accompanied by Scripture
  • Original worship music
  • And much more!

Whatever the Lord gives us, we want to offer to you so you can be blessed in your walk with Jesus. Browse through some of these here.

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