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We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. Know that your prayers matter – everyday.

Prayer support is foundational to everything we do. You play a critical role as you partner with us in prayer for mission workers overseas, in the United States, and at the U.S. Mobilization Center. We feel the prayers of our partners carrying us.

Daily Prayer Points

Prayer Points | December| 2023  


December 1 
Pray for Sara and for Raina (Bulgaria) as they work with the vegetable produce workers and sellers.

December 2 
Please ask God for a new Executive Director for Outreach Canada.

December 3 
Sarah and Jay (Zimbabwe) are thanking the Lord for a young couple who have grown together so much that the husband is now seeking to strengthen other marriages.

December 4 
Pray with Dan (Global Research) as the One Challenge Global Alliance Annual Ministry Report process has begun for 2023.

December 5
Thank God for protecting Sasha in Ukraine, who serves on the front lines.

December 6
Let’s pray for Jess and Tracie (Faith Academy) finishing the accreditation process.

December 7
Please pray for Sports Ambassadors (SA) state-side staff members (Thuy, Dave, Jonathan, Alex, Robin and Dan) in their coaching roles and transitions.

December 8
Pray with Warren (Global Research) and the Community bulletin getting unexpected submissions.

December 9
Mihai (Europe Area) is thanking God as he was recently invited to join the Board of the Association of Christian Counselors in Italy. Pray as he serves.

December 10
Ask our amazing Father to provide partners for humanitarian aid in Ukraine for Joel and Irena (Europe).

December 11
Pray for consensus on survey questions from the Strategic Directions workgroups.

December 12
Give thanks with Mr. P (Asia) who gives thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to reach hundreds in recent trainings.

December 13
Let’s ask for God’s blessing over Craig and Heather (OC Global Alliance) in launching this new team.

December 14
Pray for fresh vision for Tony (OC-UK) as he leads the OC-UK board.

December 15
Join Doug (Global) in his request for OC workers to review risk plans in their global ministry.

December 16
Rejoice with Pastor Judah – praise God for the churches planted in their Asia network!

December 17
Ted and Claudia (Malaga) thank the Lord for a wonderful time with 24 Brazilian mission workers.

December 18
Let’s be grateful for Dave and Barb (Asia)’s teaching videos (lectures on the book of Revelation) and growing number of YouTube subscribers.

December 19
Please lift up Chris (Global Research) as he writes mission mobilization articles.

December 20
Pray with Jarrod and Jenny (CAMENA) for discipleship opportunities at their school.

December 21
Bless Nell (Spain) for co-facilitating member care worker training.

December 22
Praise God for Matt and Grace’s (Spain) whole family arriving safely as new global workers there.

December 23
Pray for the workers and friends alike that are not able to share in the celebration of Jesus with the people and places that they normally would. Pray for peace.

December 24
Pray for travels all around the world during this Christmas season.

December 25Merry Christmas!
The world looked very uncertain for Mary when the angel appeared to her and said: “Don’t be afraid, Mary … for you have found favor with God! … You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus.” When the world looked hopeless, Mary carried hope!

December 26
Please pray for balance amidst children’s ministries for Alisa (Asia) as she travels in Asia and to Poland.

December 27
Join the W family (Asia) in asking for prayer in training Vietnamese believers.

December 28
Let’s celebrate Micah and Andrea officially joining OC as new global workers!

December 29
John and Heather (Africa) are thankful for the opportunity to raise funds for Shona Bibles. They are well on the way to providing 200 bibles for the Shona people in Zimbabwe.

December 30
Donovan (Asia) requests prayer for the church in Asia to be encouraged and for new workers to be raised up among the harvest.

December 31
Thank God for the wonderful year we have had and for the upcoming year as many things will be changing, as we take on new directions and strengthen previous ones.

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  • Wisdom in all aspects of their ministry and family life
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Whether it’s Asia, Africa, Europe, or the Americas, we covet your prayers for spiritual breakthrough, the growth of healthy leadership, fruitful ministry, and hope against obstacles.

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We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world.

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