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We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. Know that your prayers matter – everyday.

Prayer support is foundational to everything we do. You play a critical role as you partner with us in prayer for mission workers overseas, in the United States, and at the U.S. Mobilization Center. We feel the prayers of our partners carrying us.

Daily Prayer Points


June 1:
Praise the Lord alongside Ring (S Asia) as she was able to be the resource person for a women’s retreat (pastor’s wives) with the theme “Love Binds Together.” 83 women participated, and it was a great blessing.

June 2:
Pray for our TCKs, teachers, and school administrators as they finish the school year. Pray for strength, perseverance, and completion of papers, exams, and classes in these last days/weeks of school.

June 3:
Pray with Larry and Stephanie K (Global Research Team) for the 2024 CMIW Virtual Conference (June 3-5). Pray for technology, participants, and the Lord’s anointing on speaking and listening.

June 4:
Pray for Jonathan G (Sports Ambassadors) as he leads a team of basketball players to serve alongside church planters, pastors, club team coaches, and schools in the Philippines. Basketball clinics and games serve as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him.

June 5:
Praise the Lord with Debbie W (SE Asia) for the opportunity to share the Tembusu material in Southeast Asia. She and one friend led through the curriculum (which focuses on identity in Christ) for four full days and both felt energized and carried through their teaching times. Lift up those who participated in the program.

June 6:
Pray alongside Steve and Debbie B (SE Asia) for salvation for Mr. A – a gentleman they are in contact with who has begun soccer training focused on a ‘Cousin’ boarding school. They see in him the potential to be an amazing follower of Jesus and a disciple making movement catalyst.

June 7:
Join Rahn S (Diaspora) in praying for several grant proposals for their worldwide Diaspora Network. Pray for a clear outcome that will honor God in the discipling of many unreached peoples.


June 8:
Lift up Ted and Claudia L (Malaga) as they seek wisdom for new ways to help their son in ministering to the needs of the 40,000 Venezuelan refugees who have arrived (sometimes 9 bus loads a day) in Denver over the past 3 months.

June 9:
Pray for the many One Challenge and Sepal workers who work in member care in England, Spain, Romania, Portugal, and Italy as they serve many mission workers from various organizations. Pray for healthy workers and wisdom for those who care for them.

June 10:
Praise the Lord with Dan D (Sports Ambassadors) who is thrilled with the fruit of coaching church planters in Southeast Asia. On the team’s last visit, they began working with a new group of 37 pastors. Pray for many churches planted.

June 11:
Join Sepal Brazil and One Challenge in praying for the Holy Fish project in Mozambique. It’s a Business as Mission initiative in fish farming and church planting in a village.

June 12:
Praise the Lord that Josh B (Lifeworkx) has an interview on Christian radio on June 13 in Colorado Springs! Pray Josh’s words will have a great impact.

June 13:
Join Thomas (OC Africa) in praying for the spiritual growth among the newest disciples in Malawi from a Muslim background.

June 14:
Pray for summer baseball camps in Germany. Hundreds of kids will hear the gospel. Pray with churches in Germany and in the U.S. who are partnering together to offer young people a place of belonging, acceptance, sports training, and “good soil” for sharing the gospel.


June 15:
Join Christopher L (SE Asia) in thanking the Lord for the opportunity to do “Walk Thru the Bible” training on his field and for the joy of having participants from several cultures and backgrounds.

June 16:
Praise the Lord for the opening of a new community center in Spain. Pray it will bring hope to the community and that many will discover the love of the Lord at the center.

June 17:
Pray for Marc and Teresa (Brazil) as they serve Sepal Brazil families around the world. Pray as they develop networks and practitioners worldwide to care for mission workers and their families.

June 18:
Joel C (Ukraine) reports with joy that they have received the latest order of 15 thousand New Testaments into their warehouse for the military chaplains to distribute to soldiers at the front. Praise the Lord! Pray for God’s word to go out and bear fruit!

June 19:
Praise the Lord for $45k matching grant opportunity to the Seed Fund. As the deadline for this grant in at the end of June, pray the Lord will bless OC through the many who have and will give to this opportunity.

June 20:
Pray for OC’s Transition Orientation as it begins today. Pray for the staff and presenters as they prepare and teach. Pray the participants learn and connect well.

June 21:
Pray alongside Dave E (Sports Ambassadors) for the University of Northwestern men’s basketball team who will be serving alongside church planters and mission workers in Cordoba Province and Barcelona June 21-29. Pray the Lord opens doors for ministry and opens people’s hearts. Pray Dave and the team will be able to share the gospel clearly, demonstrate Jesus’ love, and encourage the believers they serve.


June 22:
Join One Challenge in praying Luke 10:2, that the Lord of the Harvest would send more workers into His fields!

June 23:
Pray for the OC appointees who are diligently raising support for their ministry. Pray for meaningful conversations and connections so they will be able to be in full-time ministry.

June 24:
Pray for Mehari and Kaz (Near Frontiers) as they partner to launch a multi-generational, multi-ethnic Christian community in Denver, Colorado.

June 25:
Pray for Mountainview Christian School (SE Asia) and Christian Academy of Guatemala as they both seek new heads of school. Pray the Lord would bring the right person into each of those communities.

June 26:
Pray as both OC summer programs of Core (training) and PEP (renewal retreat) begin today. Pray for all who are involved—for quality learning, rest, and meaningful time spent together.

June 27:
Join Christopher (OC Africa) in praying for the mobilization of existing and new mission partners across Africa.

June 28:
Pray for the preparations (personnel, logistics, and support raising) for the summer outreaches happening next month in Taiwan. Pray for great impact of the gospel.

June 29:
Pray for Paul S (South Africa) as he finishes his book on disciple making movements. It’s currently in the editing stage.

June 30:
Pray that PEARL (Preventing Exploitation Actively Restoring Lives) in SE Asia can be truly unified in prayer and purpose. Pray that prayer would be the foundation in all dimensions of their relationships and projects.

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We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world.

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