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We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. Know that your prayers matter – everyday.

Prayer support is foundational to everything we do. You play a critical role as you partner with us in prayer for mission workers overseas, in the United States, and at the U.S. Mobilization Center. We feel the prayers of our partners carrying us.

Daily Prayer Points

February 1st

Seek open doors into faithful fellowship and ministry for Larry and Stephanie as they re-enter life in America (North America).

February 2nd

Ask for unity and vision for the Arabic-speaking church pastored by Rashad and Karima in the UK (Europe).

February 3rd

Praise God for the healing and cancer-free report for Sara (Europe).

February 4th

Pray for spiritual protection, sustaining power and hope for persecuted believers across Southern Asia (Asia).

February 5th

Ask God to continue revitalizing the discovery Bible study groups that Kenny and Lalaine are investing in (Asia).

February 6th

Bring each OC global and regional leader before the Lord, asking for fresh vision, spiritual vitality and strategic wisdom (Global).

February 7th

Praise God for the over 42,000 registered portal users benefiting from Keith and Char’s radio ministry (Asia).

February 8th

Ask God to empower Rahn for ministry as he contemplates upcoming travel after successful procedures(North America).

February 9th

Ask the Lord to send more workers for pioneering ministry among Chinese diaspora communities globally (Global).

February 10th

Pray for breakthroughs in Chris’s research project developing theological framework for mission information initiatives (Europe).

February 11th

Ask God for radical obedience and spiritual sensitivity among field partners as Bob and Liz invest in them (Europe).

February 12th

Praise God for the publication of Mr.P’s article reaching over 1,000 readers (Asia).

February 13th

Ask the Lord to open doors of friendship and understanding for JD & Jenny’s kids within their local community context (Asia).

February 14th

Praise God for the 42,000 registered users benefiting from media outreach across Asia (Asia).

February 15th

Uphold Ben and Debora in prayer as they hope to deploy to their region this Spring, praying for guidance on timing (Middle East/North Africa).

February 16th

Intercede for the timely release of the pallet of books destined for ministry in Southeast Asia, asking God to pave the way through customs (Asia).

February 17th

Petition the Lord of the harvest to call more laborers into His fields, providing for their sending and funding (Global).

February 18th

Pray for Diane’s as she seeks living arrangements for family, also asking God to provide a smooth transition (North America).

February 19th

Seek the Spirit’s wisdom, direction and provision for John as he lays plans for upcoming ministry travel to Zimbabwe (Africa).

February 20th

Uphold David before the Father as he teaches, equips and visits OC workers across Asia in the coming weeks (Asia).

February 21st

Praise God for Kathryn’s vision and leadership igniting hearts for ministry in their community (Asia).

February 22nd

Seek the Lord’s guidance and protection over Rahn and Stephanie’s team as they prepare for an exploratory trip to CAMENA regions (Middle East/North Africa).

February 23rd

Pray for the State of the Mission leadership gathering, asking God to impart unity, wisdom and vision (North America).

February 24th

Appeal to God for spiritual protection and freedom for OC partners facing persecution for their faith across Southern Asia (Asia).

February 25th

Thank God for the online mentoring ministry showing fruit in new groups starting (South America).

February 26th

Praise God for the Ukrainian refugee pastors impacted by Bob’s life message (Europe).

February 27th

Pray for the upcoming Asunción leadership summit in March, that the Spirit would unite and guide participants (South America).

February 28th

Plead with the Lord for more Kingdom-minded American churches to partner with OC (North America).

February 29th

Ask the Lord to prepare hearts and open doors of opportunity in Kenya as Steve plans an upcoming Lifeworkx event with over 500 leaders (Africa).

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Pray for Our Workers + Their Partners

Our workers, their families and partners have a variety of prayer needs. Here’s how you can pray for them as they live out their calling.

Join us in praying for: 

  • Their testimony — in words, actions, and attitudes
  • Physical needs, health, safety, and security
  • Wisdom in all aspects of their ministry and family life
  • Harmony among colleagues and their partner organizations, a spirit of unity powered by the Holy Spirit
  • Their children’s protection, sense of security in new places, and personal journey with Jesus
  • Knowledge and discernment from the Lord when making strategic decisions
  • Love for the people they are serving 
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Pray for Our Global Alliance

We all have the same mission. To see nations transformed for Christ. Join us in prayer for our sending centers, ministry members, and global associates.

Join us in praying for the OC Global Alliance for:

  • For the Lord’s direction for the GA Guidance Team as they seek to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among the mobilization centers
  • That the Lord will bring the personnel needed to effectively follow through on the growing number of strategic ministry opportunities be presented
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Pray For Our Impact Countries

Whether it’s Asia, Africa, Europe, or the Americas, we covet your prayers for spiritual breakthrough, the growth of healthy leadership, fruitful ministry, and hope against obstacles.

Join us in praying for impact countries:

We have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world.

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Resources for Spiritual Formation

Spiritual disciplines are practices to develop, grow, and strengthen our spirit — to build the “muscles” of one's character. This includes practicing the presence of God through prayer, growing in the Word through Bible study, worshiping through music or Scripture reading, and more.

What Spiritual Formation Resources Look Like:

  • Blog posts
  • Video series
  • Prayer exercises
  • Images accompanied by Scripture
  • Original worship music
  • And much more!

Whatever the Lord gives us, we want to offer to you so you can be blessed in your walk with Jesus. Browse through some of these here.

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