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special projects

Special Projects

In response to humanitarian needs or disaster relief, special project funds are created to help those within One Challenge’s scope of ministry.

We are able to assist regions where OC already has ministry members available. This ensures funds are disseminated accordingly as well as the collaboration and coordination with local churches and partners as they work to help recover and rebuild the lives of those affected.

On occasion the funding is temporary, responding to a specific event, while other funds are ongoing projects to address systemic needs, like human trafficking or refugees.

The Seed Fund

God has placed the Seed Fund on our hearts as a vessel to hold the seeds He can plant and grow to reach the world with Jesus' love. EQUIP - Fund research for new ministry innovation. SEND - Find new workers to empower local ministry around the world. ASSIST - Act immediately during emergency events and natural disasters. PARTNER - Respond quickly to opportunities together within the global church.

You can be part of this team effort to love courageously in Jesus’ name.


Read more about the Seed Fund here


Click the Give Now button to enable our workers to be nimble and to pivot when God calls them to step out in faith around the world.

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For many years, One Challenge has served pastors and believers across Ukraine. Those deep relationships now form channels through which practical assistance can flow in their greatest time of need. We are working closely with OC field staff in Ukraine to prioritize urgent humanitarian needs and carefully steward the distribution of funding where it is most needed.

Be a part of the team effort to love courageously in Jesus’ name. On the donation form, choose a one time or recurring donation and then select “Ukraine Relief Fund”.


Click the Give Now Button to serve these workers in a practical and valuable way.

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Located in Spain, Ten42 exists to meet the needs of its community. This community center is a collaborative ministry of churches and organizations in the local area. They serve together to share the hope of the gospel and to serve others in times of need.

The team at Ten42 needs prayer for strength, wisdom, resources, and above all unity and love amongst those on the team, even in the midst of challenging situations, but they also need your financial support.


Want to make a difference and be part of a community center that reaches across borders? Click the Give Now button.

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PEARL (Preventing Exploitation Actively Restoring Lives) is an organization in Southeast Asia who has sought to serve and provide food for those in need. The organization is regularly active in community ministry, as its goal is to prevent human trafficking and restore those who have been exploited.

PEARL is working hard to meet needs like weekly feeds, hygiene products, dispensing resources to residents in the nightclub districts – but there is always a need for greater resources.


To donate to this life giving ministry in Southeast Asia, click the Give Now button and select “Pearl” as the designated ministry.

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