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Spiritual Formation Resources

We are One Challenge mission workers serving the whole body of Christ by developing a new generation of leaders. The Holy Spirit is always inviting us to know God more and do the work of becoming who God has designed us to be. 

Growing in Our Relationship with God

This is a place for us to explore and listen for the voice of God in our lives.

What Spiritual Formation Resources Look Like:

  • Blog posts
  • Video series
  • Prayer exercises
  • Images accompanied by Scripture
  • Original worship music
  • And much more!

Whatever the Lord gives us, we want to offer to you so you can be blessed in your walk with Jesus. Browse through some of these here.

Spiritual Formation Ministry Blog Posts

FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Steps of Obedience—When God Says Go

On the path toward living a missional life, the first step is obedience. Understanding the tug of the Holy Spirit is different for everyone, because how the Lord speaks to…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

What is a Missional Life?

What does it mean to live a missional life? To begin to answer this question, I want to share the approaches of two workers who served with OC for 60…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Discipleship Matters

What does the phrase “go make disciples” mean to you? It’s not a suggestion. It’s a charge. It’s a challenge. As an organization named One Challenge, we take this seriously.…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Letting Go to Grow

What is the new thing God is calling you to in 2024? Is there a way you must die to yourself to see new life grow? What does a new…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Growing and Holy Things 

“And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son and shall call His name Jesus.” Luke 1:31 NKJV As Mary’s belly began to grow, those around…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Tilling a Garden Seeds Innovation

Everything beautiful starts with a seed. The potential for life exists within something so delicate and small. As our prayers sow seeds of hope, the work is not yet done.…

Spiritual Formation Ministry Videos

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