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OC US Mobilization Center

US-MC Overview

The One Challenge U.S. Mobilization Center

Sending and Empowering Global Workers

A Word from Our Founder

“A mission is made of people – mission workers, prayer partners, and donors … people like you and me. … As we work together, it is ‘our’ helping the whole church to reach the whole world.”

Dick Hillis, written in 1962

Over the decades, we have not drifted from that vision. We continue to invite and join the whole body of Christ to bring God’s love and hope to all people.


At A Glance

The US-MC team recruits, sends, and cares for the administrative and personal needs of all those being sent from the USA to mission work around the world:

  • Leadership – OC U.S. President Team, Executive Leadership, OC Board
  • Care – Pastoral Care, Member Care, Stewardship
  • Training – Recruitment, Pre-Field Training, Security
  • Administrative – Finance, Information Technology, Communications & Marketing, Benefits & Compliance, Operations
  • Partners – Financial, Prayer & You!




President’s Team: This team, led by OC’s president, inspires and oversees the direction and development of the US home office (US-MC) and our overseas workers. Their prayerful leadership guides strategic collaboration and organizational change.



Member Care: It is our responsibility to make sure we have holistically healthy people going to the field and on the field; spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Care is a coordinated effort for mission workers and their children.



Recruitment: We exist to be a resource to those whom God, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is leading to be involved in mission-related ministry.

Pre-Field: We are here to welcome in, mentor, train, and journey alongside our One Challenge appointees as they prepare to deploy.

Security: We equip and shepherd our people for resilience and effectiveness in adversarial conditions. We help teams evaluate risk and develop strategies to address them so ministry can thrive.



Finance: We serve our financial partners and our workers by channeling the financial resources given to the proper places with integrity, accuracy, and good stewardship.

Information Technology (IT): We help our people with their technology needs so they can serve where God has called them, either at the US-MC or overseas.

Communications & Marketing: We facilitate effective communication for our global workers and OC as an organization. We are committed to sharing good news for the purpose of praise to God, informed prayer, and to enable others to partner with us.

Benefits & Compliance: We provide benefit administration for retirement benefits, health, dental, life, and long-term care for all employees and field workers.



Financial – Prayer – YOU!

Our ministry is to donors — to share amazing God stories, pray with them and for them, and walk alongside them in their journey with the Lord. God has entrusted us to help take them to their highest calling, joy in generosity, whatever that may look like for each individual.
Tara Fox, Stewardship Ministries

Many things make our US-MC spectacular! We look forward to the rest, relaxation, sharing, and caring with our US-MC people! It’s like coming back to “family” in Colorado.
OC worker in East Asia

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The Seed Fund

The Seed Fund

For the last 70 years, OC has existed and thrived because of our donor partners. We are still seeing exciting opportunities around the world to empower ministries, communities, and people to impact nations with the gospel! One opportunity is the Seed Fund*, which allows One Challenge to embrace possibilities and respond to needs as God instructs.

How God is Using the Seed Fund

  • Member care
  • Mission worker projects
  • Mission worker training
  • Expanding ministry roles
  • Underfunded mission workers
  • New mission worker recruitment
  • Sudden ministry needs (crisis or relief)
  • Caring for retired workers
  • And so much more!


* The Seed Fund is new terminology for the “general fund” — the heart of fully giving to the Lord for His purposes is unchanging.



People are OC’s most precious resource; helping them flourish in life and ministry is our highest calling. Your teamwork with the US-MC enables OC global workers to receive top quality care and bear much fruit in serving Jesus.
Dean Carlson, OC President



Our ministry is to ensure our people thrive while following their God-given calling. We prepare them, send them, and support them in such a way that they will remain in effective service for as long as possible.
Marla Henderson, Sr Dir of Personnel



I am excited to be about what God is doing, and he is clearly moving within OC. I love being involved in His business. Support of these ministries and these people is my piece of how God is at work. We are living out our calling.
Taylor Thurston, IT & Director of Marketing

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What Types of U.S. Ministries Does OC Have?

One Challenge has 70+ years of experience in serving and developing church leaders and those they serve. Whether through leadership development, research, training, coaching, mentoring, or in other ways, OC workers have a proven track record of kingdom impact, internationally and within the U.S.

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How Do Mobilization Centers Work?

Mobilization centers (MC) function independently from the other MCs and are accountable and responsible to their boards. As members of the OC Global Alliance (OCGA), each MC commits to international partnerships, which can help people raise support in other countries, share resources, serve on thematic teams, open new ministries, and more effectively advance the gospel.


What Is A Sending Center?

A sending center recruits, trains, sends, and supports mission workers to other countries or other cultural/linguistic groups. Each sending center and country within the OCGA will have different requirements and structure under which it operates.

What Is the Common Vision of the Global Alliance?

Healthy churches working together to reach all nations.

What is the Common Mission of the Global Alliance?

To mobilize godly and effective church leaders to reach all nations.

What is the Common Strategy of the Global Alliance?

Using research, motivation, and training, we  mobilize church leaders to reach their nation and beyond.

What are the Common Values of the Global Alliance?

  • TEAM: We will seek to place mission workers in OC Alliance teams rather than alone or on other non-OC Alliance teams.
  • FAMILY: We will seek to keep family in a balanced and healthy position relative to our ministry.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We will seek to make effective partnerships a high value in all our strategies, planning, and activities.
  • MULTIPLICATION: We will seek to multiply our effectiveness by developing all our ministries so as to mobilize others to accomplish the basic mission and functions of the church rather than doing those ourselves.
  • SERVANTHOOD: We will seek to take the posture of a servant as we come alongside church leaders.
  • FREEDOM TO INNOVATE: We will seek to value a culture of creativity and innovation to accomplish our mission in a changing world.