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U.S. Together

A first step toward living missionally begins with serving in your own community. God invites us to join him to bring lasting hope to people in every community and culture.

One Challenge connects with the global church to empower local ministry so they can impact nations – including the United States. We’d love to partner with you and your church. Whether through leadership development, coaching, research, etc., we’d love to serve our local U.S. communities from our 70+ years of experience in ministry.

Connect Your Church with OC

We want to come alongside churches to help them spread the gospel. We stand ready to provide training, programs, and resources for churches of any denomination.

Coming Alongside Your Church Can Look Like: 

  • Personal Development
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Resources

Connect with us so we can help serve you and your church community. Start a conversation our Church Relations team at

Get Involved as a Church

Colorado Springs Ministry

Let’s partner together to see our Colorado Springs Community thrive. One Challenge is seeking new opportunities to impact our city with the transformational hope of the gospel.

What COS Ministry Can Look Like:

  • COS I Love You
  • Church/Local Ministry Database
  • Lifeworkx
  • Sexual Wholeness Initiative
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United States Mobilization Center (US-MC)

Based in Colorado Springs, the US-MC recruits, prepares, sends, and cares for mission workers all over the world. We work to ensure our workers thrive and have sustainable impact wherever they are.

What Ministry at the US-MC Looks Like:

  • Leadership
  • Pastoral Care/Member Care
  • Recruitment/Pre-field Training
  • Finances/Benefits
  • IT
  • Communications/Marketing
  • Security
  • Stewardship Ministries
  • And more!
Find Out More About the US-MC

U.S. Ministry Resources

We invest in people and opportunities that enable churches to be planted, thrive, grow, and multiply. Whether through leadership development, coaching, research, and more, we’d love to serve our local U.S. communities.

What OC U.S. Ministries Looks Like:

  • Church planting coaching and training
  • Sports ministry
  • Speakers and workshops
  • Lifeworkx life coaching
  • SWI – sexual wholeness initiative
  • Kairos course
  • Prepare for Impact
  • Near Frontiers
  • Sepal USA
  • Global Research
  • … and more!
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What Types of U.S. Ministries Does OC Have?

One Challenge has 70+ years of experience in serving and developing church leaders and those they serve. Whether through leadership development, research, training, coaching, mentoring, or in other ways, OC workers have a proven track record of kingdom impact, internationally and within the U.S.

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Where is OC Able to Provide These Church Services?

OC’s U.S. headquarters are located in Colorado Springs. We can most easily serve churches in central Colorado, but we have OC members living across the U.S. Through local connections and travel, we will do our best to connect with you and assist you wherever you are.

Can These Services Be Provided Virtually?

Many of the above services can be provided virtually. We are happy to talk with you and help you to the best of our ability. Please feel free to contact us.

What Does the U.S. Mobilization Center in Colorado Springs Do?

The One Challenge U.S. Mobilization Center Team recruits, sends, and cares for the administrative and personal needs of all those being sent from the USA. Read how.