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The DNA of One Challenge is rooted in a focus on people as ministry.

On some level, most OC mission workers engage in care for the ministry partners, leaders, pastors, and people they serve. In an official sense, member care, education, pastoral care, and holistic ministry is the ongoing preparation, equipping, and empowering of mission workers for effective and sustainable life, ministry, and work.

Member Care

“Member care itself is caring for people,” says Deänne Boesel, Director of OC MemberCare. “It is an ethos of who we are as a mission. It is our responsibility to make sure that we have healthy people going to the field and on the field. Healthy in spiritual, physical, and emotional ways.”

What Member Care Looks Like:

  • Caring for U.S. Sent Personnel
  • Caring for Global Alliance Partners
  • Caring for Mission Workers from Other Organizations Serving in Difficult Places
  • Pastoral Care and Pastoring of Pastors
  • Counseling
  • Sexual Wholeness Initiative (SWI) – To Equip Staff to Create a Climate of Openness, Safety, and Redemption in their Ministry Efforts
  • Programs Like the Transition and Integration Process (TIP) and Personnel Enrichment Program (PEP)
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Education (MK)

“Teaching at an MK (Mission Kids) school is essential for long-term missions to occur,” says Josh, teacher at an MK school in SE Asia. “Kids’ education is a major reason why families leave the field. My role allows years of experience and passion to remain working in foreign missions.” Every teacher, administrator, dorm parent, support staff, or board member at MK school share this concept – MK education enables ministry around the world.

What MK Education Looks Like:

  • Discipleship in MK Schools
  • Empowering Missions By Shaping the Next Generation
  • Partner with Families So They Can Continue Their Ministry
  • Providing Dynamic, Relevant Education for Children of Mission Workers
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Holistic Ministry

To bring God’s love and hope to all people, we identify and work to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of individuals and communities, providing opportunities for deeper level relationships and deeper levels of change. This includes education, medical services, agricultural development, community development, and small business mentoring … helping local people to build a healthy community.

What Holistic Ministry Looks Like:

  • Individual or Group Life Coaching Through Lifeworkx
  • Short-Term Relief Aid
  • Refugee Ministry
  • Medical Ministry
  • Preventing Human Trafficking
  • Agricultural Development
  • Small Business Mentoring
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Child Protection Policy

The OC Child Safety Program enables OC to fulfill its biblical, ethical, and legal responsibility of protecting the children it its care, guarding their safety and well-being, as well as helping members protect their integrity in how they interact with and treat children.

What Our Child Protection Policy Looks Like:

  • Raise a Concern
  • Child Protection Safety Network
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • and more!
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What MK Schools Do You Partner With?

In 2022, OC workers partnered with 7 MK schools around the world, including Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, Faith Academy in Manila, Philippines, Bucharest Christian Academy in Bucharest, Romania, and other schools in secure locations. If you’re interested in serving at an MK school, get connected with us.

How Does OC Provide Relief Aid?

Relief aid and ministry efforts are done through local churches. Being a part of the community, the church and its leaders determine where and how aid should be disseminated or conducted. This allows for the local body of believers to reach out and serve their communities, which will have lasting impact.

What Does Preventing Human Trafficking Look Like With OC?

OC works in the prevention of human trafficking and in the aftercare of individuals. This can look like education, skill training, small business creation, counseling, healing prayer, etc. This is done in partnership with local organizations involved in this work, so, at present, locations are limited.

What Does Refugee Ministry Look Like?

Refugee ministry can range from providing meals and necessities, to language education, skills training, cultural assimilation classes, and crisis counseling. Most commonly in OC, this is done in conjunction with the local church and local organizations.

What Does Medical Ministry Look Like?

Medical ministry can range from short-term teams to medical training/coaching to working as a medical professional in an area. This is done at the request of local churches and/or organizations. Because OC does this by request, opportunities can be limited.

How Can I Receive Coaching through Lifeworkx?

Reach out to Lifeworkx and learn more about how to get connected there.

How Can I Get Connected With SWI?

You can connect with SWI with

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