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We engage in strategic partnerships out of a conviction that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

How do strategic partnerships come into being? Often, it is a sequence of divinely orchestrated connections and long-term relationships. The OC Global Alliance serves and equips God’s people through 732 partnerships with 645 unique organizations in 111 countries. Our President, Dean Carlson put it best: “We’re catalysts and connectors, stimulating teamwork toward the vision of healthy churches transforming every small community.”

Global Movements

We follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and partner with organizations with the desire to see movements of people discipled and becoming disciple makers. One Challenge engages in this through prayer, research, disciple making movements, saturation church planting, and whole nation initiatives.

What Global Movements Looks Like:

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Global Alliance

The OC Global Alliance is an association of 15 sending centers spread across the world. All the sending centers share a common vision, mission, values, and strategy. This commitment to partnership multiplies the love of Jesus to grow new believers in the global church.

What the OC Global Alliance Like:

  • 15 Sending Centers
  • 486 Ministry Members
  • 423 Global Associates
  • 44 Resident Countries
  • 55 Impact Countries
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Global Networking (Diaspora)

We act as connectors and catalysts to bring together organizations and workers from around the world to accomplish the common objective of spreading the gospel.

What Global Networking Looks Like:

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Global Research

We assist field workers, churches, and ministry partners to gather and analyze information to aid in the mobilization of the body of Christ and in strategic planning in order to faithfully carry out the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. The purpose of field research is to perceive what the Holy Spirit is doing and where he wants to lead the body of Christ, so we can cooperate with Him and be used by God in his Harvest.

What Global Research Looks Like:

  • Gathering and Analyzing Information to Aid Mobilization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Surveys
  • Identify Locations Without Churches
  • * These are Just a Few Examples of Global Research
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What Does Diaspora Mean?

Diaspora refers to a scattered population and is frequently used to denote modern movements of people through immigration, both voluntary and involuntary.

What is Missional Challenge all about?

Missional Challenge is about disciples making disciples everywhere. Using coaching as the primary training tool, Missional Challenge trains church planters and mission workers to start churches by making disciples first.

Can You Explain More About National Initiatives?

National Initiatives are about partnership, networking, affirmation, and global advancement of the gospel. Instead of looking at one community, or even one nation, it’s about strategic planning and practice to make Christ known at a national level and beyond.

How Does Global Research Identify Where Churches Are Needed Most?

Global Research depends upon on-the-ground people studying their own contexts to identify places where churches don’t yet exist. Global data is nothing more than the aggregate of local data. 

It is the dream of OC’s Global Research Team that there be national research (which includes research on state levels, municipality levels, neighborhood levels) functioning such that believers in every community know what the needs are of those around them, and then pray and mobilize resources to meet those needs.

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