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Global Research

We assist field workers, churches, and ministry partners to gather and analyze information to aid in the mobilization of the body of Christ and in strategic planning in order to faithfully carry out the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. 

Impact Communities by Supporting Ministries through Research

The purpose of field research is to perceive what the Holy Spirit is doing and where he wants to lead the body of Christ, so we can cooperate with Him and be used by God in his Harvest.

What Global Research Looks Like:

  • Gathering and Analyzing Information to Aid Mobilization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Surveys
  • Identify Locations Without Churches

*These are Just a Few Examples of Global Research

Global Research Blog Posts

SYNC See Yourself in ChristGlobal Research

This New Year: Get in SYNC with the Leader of God’s Campaign

To many, a new year means a new opportunity to reset and renew. Many believers take the new year opportunity to re-center on the gospel and God’s big idea for…
Never Before ResearchGlobal MovementsGlobal Research

Never Before…

We are living in a historical moment. In terms of international health, never has a pandemic had the physical, economic, and social impact of COVID-19. But, we are also seeing…
Remaining Mission Task VideoAmericasGlobal Research

Understanding the Remaining Mission Task (Animated Video) A member of our CMIW Facilitation Team, Chris Maynard, helped to create this video to be seen by students at Urbana 18. It challenges priorities for sending mission workers.…
church plantingAmericasGlobal Research

Why counting churches is fundamental but not the whole deal

"The world cannot be understood without numbers. And it cannot be understood with numbers alone." (Hans Rosling) The idea of Saturation Church Planting (SCP)/DAWN-type ministry was birthed by Donald McGavran,…
Futures Think TankGlobal Research

Futures Think Tank … Understanding the Times, Knowing What to Do

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer If you were…
LausanneGlobal Research

Lausanne Research Gathering Together to Propel the Kingdom Forward

One hundred people from 23 countries convened in Nairobi, Kenya for the 8th Lausanne International Researchers’ Conference (LIRC) from April 30 to May 4. The Lausanne Movement’s Church Research Track,…

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