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Wherever you are at with your journey towards missions, we want to be a resource to you!

We have a number of opportunities available if you are being led into missions. From short to long-term missions, we seek to empower the whole body of Christ to bring a transforming love and hope to all people. Do you feel a tug on your heart to serve cross-culturally? Don’t know where you could fit in? Look at our ministry opportunities to see how God may use you!

Global Mobilization

Mobilizing is coming alongside people to help them move from where they are to where God wants them to be. When invited by local leaders, OC facilitates local bodies of believers to identify, train, and send global workers toward realizing a “from everywhere to everywhere” vision.

What Mobilization Looks Like:

  • We Equip Local Churches to Identify, Train & Send Mission Workers
  • KAIROS – A 9 Session Discipleship Training Program
  • Perspectives – A Comprehensive Study Course that is Rooted in the Scriptures
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OC recruiters serve as guides to those who believe God is leading them into cross-cultural ministry. Aware of the need for mission workers around the world, they help find a fit with the sending agency that will best facilitate the candidate. What is God asking you to do? How can we help you take steps of obedience along that path?

What Recruitment Looks Like:

Time Commitments:
• Experience (1 Week – 3 Months)
• Explore (6 Months – 2 Years)
• Engage (2+ Years)

First steps:
• Discuss desire with home church leadership
• Contact us

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Prepare For Impact

The most effective gospel impact happens when well-equipped people follow in obedience to God’s leading. Our desire is to send emotionally and spiritually healthy people who are prepared to step into the opportunities for ministry God provides while embracing the unique differences of the cultures in which they live.

What Prepare For Impact Looks Like:

Find more blog posts and resources on our special Prepare for Impact website.

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Go with OC

What is stopping you from allowing your passion to become action? Is the cost too great? Take one step today toward obedience to God’s leading in your life.

Do you feel a tug on your heart to serve cross-culturally? One Challenge could be the right fit for you. We want to walk alongside you in your steps of obedience to the Lord.


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What is Your “Experience” Ministry Like?

Time Commitment: 1 Week – 3 Months

Our “Experience” ministry trips are focused on deepening your experience in three ways. We want you to start to understand a new culture and way of life. We provide opportunities for ministry alongside mission workers and locals in that country. We want you to get to know us as a service ministry; what we do, how we do it, and why. These trips are fast-paced and focused. The cost for our experience trips are around $35/day plus airfare and travel insurance.

How Long Are Your “Explore” Ministry Opportunities?

Explore (short-term) ministry commitments are more than six months and up to two years long.

What Can I Expect on an “Explore” Experience?

Time Commitment: 6 Months – 2 Years

An “Explore” ministry experience is designed to help you get a taste for what life as a long-term mission worker is like. Different from the Experience trip, Explore places you on one of our ministry teams, involved in active and ongoing ministry. Developing relationships with teammates and locals is a major focus alongside some language and culture learning. Explore workers can expect to raise money for a salary, benefits, and ministry costs.

What is the “Engage” ministry?

Time Commitment: 2+ Years

Engage workers can expect an extended application, interview, and training process.

  • Support-Raised Salary
  • Learn a Language
  • Share Your Gifts with Others
  • Invest in Local Ministry
  • Join in Global Partnership
  • Maximize Your Impact

How do I know if God wants me to get involved in missions?

This is a good question but it is the wrong question. You should be asking, “How does God want me to carry out the Great Commission?” It all comes down to obedience. Whether God wants you to live missionally within your current context or a cross-cultural one, prayer is a good place to start. Read our the full answer here: 

Honest Answers About Missions

If God is Leading Me Toward Missions, what is the first step?

Contact us through the Initial Contact Form and we can set you up with a coach to help guide you through this journey. Also, you can see more specific and in depth answers here: 

Honest Answers About Missions

Are you ready to go?

Learn more about where we work and current service opportunities.

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