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This special web page contains an archive of our special monthly bulletin for you to skim to see what’s new in OC ministry around the world. 

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FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Steps of Obedience—Why Did I End Up Here?

Thankfully, not a plane I've ever traveled on. In the first half of 2018, I traveled a lot—hopping on a plane here or there. I spent one full month in…
OC summer programsAmericasMember Care

It’s Going to be the Best Summer Ever!

Summer is a time of face-to-face fellowship for One Challenge workers. Our programs allow us to worship together and empower one another in the next season of ministry. We want…
AsiaFeaturedSpiritual Formation

Steps of Obedience—Small Changes, Huge Impact

In part one of “Steps of Obedience,” I shared how a prophetic dream led me to being on a plane in less than a month to spend a year teaching…
Seed FundFeaturedSpecial Projects

Growing a Garden from a Seed

For the last 70 years, OC has existed and thrived because of our donor partners. We are still seeing exciting opportunities around the world to empower ministries, communities, and people…

South Korea’s Glorious Challenge

Spreading the Good News is especially difficult, even dangerous, in what are referred to as the “Stan” nations – Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc. These Muslim-majority countries are highly resistant, if…
Global Alliance

Annual Report – OC Global Alliance Impact 2023

2023 Annual Report – ONE Purpose ONE … this singular word is core to fulfilling the Great Commission. Jesus prayed for his followers to experience the power of ONE. The early church…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

Steps of Obedience—When God Says Go

On the path toward living a missional life, the first step is obedience. Understanding the tug of the Holy Spirit is different for everyone, because how the Lord speaks to…

ONE Team Working Toward GROWTH

At the beginning of 2024, One Challenge President Dean Carlson set the tone for the year: One Team—One Purpose—One Challenge. As people who faithfully pray and sacrificially give, you are…
FeaturedSpiritual Formation

What is a Missional Life?

What does it mean to live a missional life? To begin to answer this question, I want to share the approaches of two workers who served with OC for 60…