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OC board

OC Board of Directors

We’re blessed to have a Board that loves Jesus profoundly, cares for OC passionately, and experiences the kingdom in fresh ways as they work and fellowship together!

The One Challenge Board of Directors meets periodically to discuss the global ministry of the OC U.S. Mobilization Center, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

OC Board


Dr. Dean Carlson

OC International
Colorado Springs, CO

Mr. Thayer Allison

Retired, Volunteer
Indian Trail, NC

Mrs. Heidi Baker

Director, President’s Office
Compassion International
Colorado Springs, CO

Helder Favarin

Dr. Hélder Favarin

Global Youth and Young Adult Initiatives Director
Community Bible Study
Colorado Springs, CO

Kristen Jones

Mrs. Kristen Jones

Attorney, Estate Planning
Law Office of Kristen N. Jones
Long Beach, CA

OC Board

Mr. Jerry Kelow

New Day Vending
Colorado Springs, CO

OC Board of Directors Scott Lee

Mr. Scott Lee

Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
Inverness, FL

Mr. Dale Micetic, Chairman

Retired, Volunteer
Pinnacle Forum, Young Life, Bethany Bible
Phoenix, AZ

Murray Moerman 2017

Dr. Murray Moerman

National Church Planting Strategies, Trainer
Outreach Canada
British Columbia, Canada

Mrs. Sharon Reed

Sr. VP Insurance Operation
Penn Treaty Network America Insurance
Allentown, PA

Jill Ruiter

Ms. Jill Ruiter

Executive Director
Aurora Public Schools Foundation
Denver, CO

Clarence Shuler

Dr. Clarence Shuler

BLR: Building Lasting Relationships
Colorado Springs, CO

OC Board Keith Sparzak

Mr. Keith Sparzak

International Director
Community Bible Study
Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Michele Wilson

Director of Human Resources
Faith Comes By Hearing
Lexington, South Carolina


Mr. Bob Malouf

Dr. Bill Lawrence

Want to know more about the OC Global Alliance?


What Is the Common Vision of the Global Alliance?

Healthy churches working together to reach all nations.

What is the Common Mission of the Global Alliance?

To mobilize godly and effective church leaders to reach all nations.

What is the Common Strategy of the Global Alliance?

Using research, motivation, and training, we  mobilize church leaders to reach their nation and beyond.

What are the Common Values of the Global Alliance?

  • TEAM: We will seek to place mission workers in OC Alliance teams rather than alone or on other non-OC Alliance teams.
  • FAMILY: We will seek to keep family in a balanced and healthy position relative to our ministry.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We will seek to make effective partnerships a high value in all our strategies, planning, and activities.
  • MULTIPLICATION: We will seek to multiply our effectiveness by developing all our ministries so as to mobilize others to accomplish the basic mission and functions of the church rather than doing those ourselves.
  • SERVANTHOOD: We will seek to take the posture of a servant as we come alongside church leaders.
  • FREEDOM TO INNOVATE: We will seek to value a culture of creativity and innovation to accomplish our mission in a changing world.

What Do You Mean By Impact Country?

An impact country is where the OCGA does consistent ministry but there is no mission worker or team living in that country.

What Is A Sending Center?

A sending center recruits, trains, sends, and supports mission workers to other countries or other cultural/linguistic groups. Each sending center and country within the OCGA will have different requirements and structure under which it operates.

How Do Mobilization Centers Work?

Mobilization centers function independently from the other MCs and are accountable and responsible to their boards. As members of the OC Global Alliance, each MC commits to international partnerships, which can help people raise support in other countries, share resources, serve on thematic teams, open new ministries, and more effectively advance the gospel.

Who Can Be Part of the Guidance Team?

The OCGA team is made up of two representatives from each mobilization center. From those 30 individuals, nine are voted in to serve on the Guidance Team. Members can serve for a maximum of six years and then they must step away for at least one year.

How Does This Partnership Benefit the Kingdom?

Coming together as equal partners and contributors, the OCGA reflects the global church and that of the global mission context. By working together with a unity of mind, spirit, and purpose we maximize our capacity to develop leaders and multiply churches to disciple all nations. We learn from each other and have opportunities to help each other, therefore increasing kingdom impact.