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How Does It Work?

Because a Christian’s overall purpose is to glorify God, I as a Christian should want to give to advance his kingdom throughout the world. Faith promise giving for missions is an expression of my obedience to Christ’s command to “make disciples of all people.”

Committing to a faith promise gives me a new perspective on my assets and priorities. I begin to see that everything I have belongs to God. I look for ways he provides, so I can give more for his cause. When I commit to give in faith, I do not rely on my limited resources, but on God’s UNLIMITED resources. Read more in this brochure.

In this video, Keith Brown (OC mission worker to Asia since 1958) explains the concept of “faith promise” giving and how churches around the U.S. use this principle in missions giving.

Faith Promise and Beyond, Unlocking the Resources of the Church to Help Fulfill the Great Commission…

This book is by Keith Brown with John W. Hoover. It is invaluable in understanding and conducting a Faith Promise weekend. It gives an excellent explanation of “faith promise” and ways to present it to your congregation.