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Debriefing and Renewal for Latino Workers

Providing soul-care and debriefing for workers worldwide is a critical piece of the mission effort. A while ago, OC workers facilitated Debriefing and Renewal retreat (DAR) for Latino mission workers. The retreat involved whole families, with both adults and children receiving personal debriefing and care.

Some highlights for OC workers:
+ Sweet worship
+ The timely aspect of the themes of stress, transition, and soul-care
+ Times of great fun playing games and laughing together
+ Mission workers connecting to God’s Word

Debriefing and Renewal

Reflections from Participants

“We were recently kicked out of a Cousin* country where we lived and served for over 15 years; the feelings and pain we feel are intense. Being able to attend this DAR, with our teenage daughters, was a gift from God!”

“We needed this time of spiritual retreat for our family. We have been going through a crisis and experiencing spiritual dryness. DAR has been an oasis in the midst of a desert.”

Debriefing and Renewal

“DAR was so necessary for each member of our family. It was refreshing to hear the voice of God for restoration, care and protection.”

“DAR was a breath of fresh air for our family – to physically be away from our environment, disconnect from the day-to-day, and receive rest from the Lord! I came so tired, burdened, and sad, and I am returning home encouraged and blessed – not only myself, but my marriage, and my family, too. We were listened to and were able to share without fear of being criticized or judged. I hope DAR can bless other families in the future!”

Debriefing and Renewal

“We arrived at DAR exhausted and hopeless in our circumstances. We left knowing ourselves better, knowing exactly what the problems are, and we are filled with faith, hope, and encouragement that God will continue to sustain us. We saw our teenage son open up, interact, and enjoy this time! What a blessing!”

“As a family, we didn’t realize how exhausted we were, but DAR helped us to realize how we are really doing and gave us new encouragement and renewal.”

Debriefing and Renewal

“As I face a new field, DAR came at just the right moment. The teaching that I received was so refreshing and encouraging!”

“Personally, I am going through a rough time spiritually and emotionally. There have been so many changes in my life and decisions to make. I have a hard time opening up with others. In DAR, I felt the freedom to share my story in a safe environment without judgment.”

Member Care
One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge wants to encourage a high level of care for global workers, providing the opportunity for them to thrive in their countries of service, bringing the best of who they are to the kingdom growth effort. We pursue genuine relationships and accountability in family, friendship, team, ministry, and local communities of faith.

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