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Summer Programs – Focusing on the Individual as a Whole

Holistic – what a buzz word! Slap the ‘holistic’ label on something, a business or ministry, and it immediately sounds informed, deep, and connected to the world – real people solving the real problems. Of course, this may or may not end up being true. At One Challenge, we have several holistic ministries that we pray are real people, with a Christ-like attitude and witness, solving real problems.

A major area where we ‘OCers’ value the holistic attitude is in the care and training of our mission workers and their families. This approach leads us to why we spend two months every year almost entirely focused on training, preparation, emotional and mental member care, and development of OC global mission workers.

This summer, we will smoosh three OC programs back to back. Why? To maximize our people’s time, yes, but also to take a holistic approach to training.

Part One: PEP

Personnel Enrichment Program is a highly valued program, not only for OC leadership but for families as well. It gives time for needed face-to-face interaction but ultimately PEP strives to care for the entire families during a mission worker’s home assignment.

It’s rest. It’s rejuvenation. It’s being heard. It’s sharing burdens. It’s encouragement.

It’s about people.

And not just the mission worker, but the family. It may only be just under two weeks, but it’s all about healthy, heard, and encouraged people.

Part Two: Leadership Development Program

The LDP is one of the newer additions to the summer line-up, but it packs a powerful punch with just two days of training with a treasure trove of information.

One Challenge believes in equipping our mission workers, developing them into better leaders and better mission workers. A recent OC Global Alliance survey determined that 83% of the OCGA mission force was actively involved in developing leaders.

The Leadership Development Program’s purpose is twofold: 1) to equip OC workers for their own growth and development; 2) to strengthen OC workers as they develop leaders across the world. 

The two days are filled with discussion, collaboration, and learning – living up to OC’s core value of lifelong learners.

Part Three: Lifeworkx Certification

Lifeworkx is a program that helps someone navigate God’s purpose of their lives. It does this in four parts: your story, your design, your strengths, and your destiny.

Used all over the world, Lifeworkx has impacted and changed people’s perspectives on what God designed them to be and what He has planned for them.

Oleg, president of Radooga International in Ukraine, says: “Lifeworkx is truly amazing and unique. We receive teams from America to help us all the time, but only these guys have a heart that is truly about serving us and helping us succeed instead of promoting their own agenda.”

The Lifeworkx certification course equips individuals to conduct their own Lifeworkx events so more people can begin to share their stories and understand God’s purposes.

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All the summer events have the same goal: healthy people who are fully equipped to serve the Lord. For more information about a One Challenge summer, check out these other stories:

Holistic Ministry One Challenge is an international agency committed to bringing God’s transforming love and hope to all people. We identify and work to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of individuals and communities, providing opportunities for deeper level relationships and deeper levels of change. These ministries include education, medical services, agricultural development, community development, and small business mentoring … helping local people to build a healthy community.

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