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Miriam’s Story – Divine Intervention

Miriam* is from a country where many of us will never go, where gospel proclaimers are not allowed, and where consequences for following Jesus are very strict. But God is there.

A few years ago, Miriam found out she had cancer. She was so sick, and the doctors tried everything. They told her to go home and prepare to die. Her family was not going to give up that easily. In their country, it is a common practice to look for witch doctors to come up with other help when traditional medicine does not work. They sent her to a witch doctor in the city, where most witch doctors were, hours away from home.

An Unexpected Suggestion

No sooner had Miriam walked in to see the witch doctor, he told her, “I cannot help you. You must read the Injil (New Testament).” He then sent her away. Miriam did not understand, but she went home without the solution she had hoped to find.

Miriam shared with her brother the experience with the witch doctor, wondering where she would get a Bible. Her brother said, “I have one!” There are different ministries that make Christian materials available to people as they travel from Europe to some restricted access countries, and Miriam’s brother had received a New Testament at some point. Miriam began to read the New Testament and liked what she was learning. Soon, her brother realized how much she was reading it and took it away from her. Miriam was determined to find another.

The First Dream

One night while sleeping, Miriam had a dream … there was a man in the street with a cart full of random goods. In that cart there was also a Bible. In the dream, she went through the cart, found the Bible, and took it.

The next morning, she remembered her dream, and she ran out to the street and waited. Oddly enough, a man with a cart walked down the street. She asked him if he had a Bible in his cart. Of course, he said no as that would be illegal in that country. Miriam was insistent, sorting through all the goods in the cart – and sure enough, there was a Bible in the cart! She bought it, began to read it, and Miriam became a follower of Jesus.

A Gathering of Believers

She heard there was a group of people who were secretly meeting in a home in her city, studying the Bible. Miriam, accompanied by her husband, showed up at the home of this secret meeting. The pastor at the house was shocked (and concerned) to see the husband. The husband verbally lashed out against the pastor, but he allowed his wife to stay. This went on week after week.

The Second Dream

Then the husband had a dream. The next week, he went with his wife to the meeting and told the pastor, “God gave me a dream and told me I should help you.” The pastor was perplexed. Miriam’s husband continued, “I will have the meetings at my house one week, and at your house the next.” And so, they began. In time, the husband also became a follower of Jesus.

Pray through Ramadan

Ramadan began April 23. Ramadan is the time of fasting for Muslim people. We all live around Muslims – interacting with them at schools, shopping, and at local businesses. During Ramadan, Muslims are more open to spiritual things than during the rest of the year.

Please join us in praying God would reveal himself through dreams, visions, and through the tangible love of Jesus we can extend. Join us in praying that lives would be changed.

*For security purposes, real names and specific locations have not been used.

Article written by a guest writer who serves alongside mission workers who work in the CAMENA region (Central Asia, Middle East, and North Africa). As Ramadan began on April 23, consider investing in and praying through 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. You can order it at:

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