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Ellen says she is ready to come out of “the life.” She’s sick of where she is but needs consistent friends to come alongside her. Where can she stay? How can we help her?

The mom of four kids has left them to work in the commercial sex trade on another island. How can we help them? Do we have a safe place for them to stay? People who will care for them?

Miss A and her daughter are destitute and need a safe place to live where they can rebuild their lives and get food on a daily basis.

Nancy wants to change her life. Yet, she can’t do it living in the environment she has right now.

Sarah is a victim of rape and abandonment. She currently has a couple of college people helping her out, but this is not a long-term sustainable, transformational solution. She needs a mature community with a safe living environment.

These are stories from the last months that have emerged from PEARL’s (Preventing Exploitation Actively Restoring Lives) concentrated efforts in the nightclub district. Each of these people have names and faces, not only to PEARL staff, but they are written on Jesus’ heart.

Safe home

Safe House and Empowerment Program

“PEARL has been praying for years to ask God if he wants us to open a safe house and a comprehensive empowerment program,” says Debbie, an OC worker. “Through many avenues and supports, it appears as if the time has come!”

Safe home

PESAN (Caring for Every Person), PEARL’s umbrella foundation (not PEARL directly), is aiming to open the home named “New Beginnings” in early 2021. The empowerment (the term often referred to as aftercare) program will be designed for both residential and non-residential participants. “It is an aftercare program, but we have a broader vision for this endeavor,” Debbie says.

(*For security issues, the team has decided it is best to place New Beginnings under the mother organization.)

The director of this division was hired in September. Mrs. E will oversee both parts of the program. “PESAN is thrilled to add her to our team,” Debbie says.

Meeting Needs

For the basic New Beginnings’ staff, PESAN still needs to hire: a counselor, case manager(s), and house mother(s). Along with hiring, funds need to be raised for the cost of the house and the care of the women.

Safe home

For the ongoing monthly expense of the New Beginnings safe house, staff, and program, PESAN/PEARL needs an additional $2,500 per month.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Please pray with us for these funds! PESAN/PEARL is seeking connections with foundations that may want to help in this important ministry.
  • Pray for wisdom and insight as PESAN hires the best people for this work and design the program.
  • Pray for favor in the community and with all necessary community partners.

Give to Support PEARL Ministries

If the Lord is asking you to get involved in this vital ministry, click here and indicate your donation to go to PEARL or #830412 under “project name.”

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