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Global Mobilization

Prayer Focus … Get to Know One Challenge

QUESTION: Who is One Challenge and what do they do?
ANSWER: We are a mission family who exists to serve the whole body of
Christ – so, we do many things!

Here is a brief overview of our vision, mission, strategy, and guiding principles.

OC mission

Missions Mobilization

We seek to empower the whole body of Christ to bring a transforming love and hope to all people. The role of the OC US-MC is to recruit, send, and care for the administrative and personal needs of all those being sent from the USA. The US-MC is one of 14 Mobilization Center members of the OC Global Alliance, partnering together to effectively deploy people to serve on multiethnic and multinational OC Global Alliance ministry teams in nations around the world. We have teams in East Asia, Europe, Latin America, North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, North America (Canada and USA), Southeast Asia, Southern Africa – over 40 countries in all. We have impact ministry in many more. For more information, please email OC Mobilization at Or go to our Mobilization blog, Prepare for Impact, at

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