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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation … Psalm 23

Spend a few minutes looking closely at this image of sheep grazing among trees and a stream. The shepherd is not pictured; perhaps we are viewing the scene from the perspective as the shepherd watching over his (or her) flock. As you look at the sheep, understand that we are the sheep and the Lord is our shepherd.

Psalm 23

Questions to Ponder & Pray

  • How do the sheep seem to be interacting with one another?
  • What resources/opportunities are provided for the sheep?
  • How would you describe the life of the sheep? 
  • As you observe the sheep, how might you describe the shepherd?

More Spiritual Formation Resources

We are One Challenge mission workers serving the whole body of Christ by developing a new generation of leaders. The Holy Spirit is always inviting us to know God more and do the work of becoming who God has designed us to be.

These resources include blog postsoriginal worship musicimages accompanied by Scriptureprayer exercises, and much more. Whatever the Lord gives us, we want to offer to you so you can be blessed in your walk with Jesus.

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