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Education (Adult)Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation Scripture Reading

Thank you for joining me today as we concentrate on the spiritual formation practice of reflective reading. We know that Bible reading is a key part of daily activity for new believers and experienced disciples of Jesus.

In a Christianity Today story about spiritual formation, it says: “There are different approaches to engaging with the Scriptures for spiritual formation and growth. A more left-brained, factual method is what we traditionally call Bible study. With a reverent approach to the Word of God, we reflect on the factual dimensions of a passage: its context, original language, and links to other scriptural passages. Often Bible study guides or books can help us gain a greater understanding of the setting of the text and ways to apply its teachings today.”

The Book of Revelation: An Exposition

Welcome to the Book of Revelation! This book, too often ignored or sensationalized, deserves our careful attention. This is a verse-by-verse study based on the Greek text. (You don’t have to understand Greek to benefit.)

The seven messages to the seven churches in chapters two and three are at the same time easily understood and deeply personal. The challenges the Lord brings in those letters reverberate through the entire book, and come to a striking climax in the closing chapters.

Join us, you may be surprised at how the Revelation of Jesus Christ touches you today!

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