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Prepare for Impact

Preparing you for the impact you can have, and the impact others will have on you.

Empowering People to Impact Nations

The most effective gospel impact happens when well-equipped people follow in obedience to God’s leading. If that leading takes them to a different country, there will be a cultural impact on the worker as well.

Our desire is to send emotionally and spiritually healthy people who are prepared to step into the opportunities for ministry that God provides while embracing the unique differences of the different culture in which they live.

Here are some resources to get started:

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Prepare for Impact Blog Posts

Honest AnswersPrepare for Impact

What can I do about school debt?

"Debt, in general, and school debt specifically is a huge issue facing the emerging mission worker force," says Jeff Boesel, Director of Mobilization at One Challenge. "My oldest daughter, now…
family photoHonest AnswersPrepare for Impact

Will your kids be OK if you raise them overseas – ABSOLUTELY! (as much as any other kid anyway)

Our first prayer card, circa 1991. I'm the little blondie in red. This post in the "Honest Answers" series is written by Kelli Boesel, daughter of Jeff Boesel, OC's Director…
Honest AnswersPrepare for Impact

Does God want me to be a mission worker?

This is a good question but it is the wrong question. You should be asking, “How does God want me to carry out the Great Commission?” Most believers would agree…
MKsHonest AnswersPrepare for Impact

Where will my kids go to school?

Did you know that the education of children is the second most frequent reason for kingdom workers to leave their countries of service and return home? (Sadly, the most frequent…
Grand Central StationHonest AnswersPrepare for Impact

Want to get involved but overwhelmed by the need?

Has God been putting something on your heart? Are you curious about mission opportunities? Or are you just wanting to consider this whole mission thing? Take some time and read…
Honest AnswersPrepare for Impact

Don’t Sweat the Details

A potential kingdom worker once asked us, “What ingredients are needed to be a successful, healthy, long-term mission worker?” This is a great question, one that we think everyone should…

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