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In missions today the sheer volume of acronyms to describe ministry and movements is overwhelming. From an organization’s name to its smallest components, acronyms are everywhere. One Challenge, or OC, falls into this habit. In this short article, One Challenge can’t explain every acronym so let’s focus on one – DMM.

DMM stands for Disciple Making Movements. It’s one of the newest ways the gospel is spreading throughout the world. Well, it’s not new – it’s just packaged differently. This term may or may not be familiar, but as it’s something the Lord is using to spread his gospel, let’s break it down.

Disciple making movements stem from Matthew 28: “go and make disciples of all nations,” more commonly known as the Great Commission. The goal of DMM is to make disciples who go and make disciples, and so on. They are often distinct from and parallel to existing churches, and spread rapidly when people in the original group start new groups from their spheres of influence, i.e. friends, family, co-workers, etc.


Beginning: Global Alliance partner Jorge leading a discovery Bible study in the home of a Romanian family in 2013.

The key to these groups is they don’t depend on one leader or clergy. Rather, they focus on: obedience to the Word; dependence on prayer and the Holy Spirit; practical love for one another; and a passion to help others become disciples of Christ. The only source material – the Word of God. The only requirements – listen to the Holy Spirit and obey.


Workshop: Karl teaching a one-day workshop on the principles of DMM to leaders in Southern Africa.

The movements to Christ through DMM are happening in hostile conditions, where spreading the gospel in traditional ways is illegal or ineffective. Yet, even under this persecution, people are becoming obedient followers of Jesus.


Mentorship: J&S mentoring Hope, who has begun multiple groups with DMM principles, in how to pass off leadership to group members.

Research shows the majority of these movements start when local believers catch the vision and lead. This places OC in the sweet spot of where it wants to be: as a Barnabas organization. Barnabas came alongside the early church to help it flourish. That’s OC’s goal: to work alongside these groups; to help them equip their people to be disciple makers; to provide training, resources, and encouragement to the men and women serving the Lord through DMM.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for the men and women who are literally putting their lives in danger to spread the gospel.
  • Pray for the DMM movements happening around the world that they would continue to grow rapidly and the members would have a deeper understanding of the Father.
  • Pray God would give wisdom to One Challenge and its workers in how we can equip and encourage believers around the world.

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