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Mountain Biking for Church Multiplication

Missions and creativity may not seem like a natural pairing. However, at One Challenge, we find our inspiration in the Lord, the Creator. This leads to creative innovation to see influencers change their communities and nations … with something as fun and simple as mountain biking!

In South Asia, many church planters, pastors, and leaders are bi-vocational. This requires a lot of creativity to not only spread the gospel but support their families and, in many cases, support the economic health of their communities.

mountain biking

Opening a Bike Shop

In a remote region of a South Asian nation, in order to support the growth of the kingdom, OC worker John* along with national worker Ken* opened a mountain biking rental business. With the idea of renting mountain bikes to tourists and locals, the funding would help Ken continue his ministry in seeing churches planted and people reached for Christ.

Check out this GoPro video action of a mountain bike ride…

Supporting Other Ministry Projects

The bike shop also directly supports a daycare in nearby town, which meets the basic need for good childcare for locals in this region.

mountain biking“Many poor and underprivileged people in the region struggle to survive. Some of these are harvesting grains and simply manage a subsistence living. For those involved in farming, daily work often means no one is able to watch the children. Younger children often must go with their mothers into the field or with them as they do their daily chores or simply go unsupervised,” John says.

Leap of Faith

When John presented the idea to churches and partners, he wasn’t quite sure how the Lord would use the bike shop. He believed it would be successful as many tourists enjoy visiting this region and bike tours are starting to grow. And he believed it would bring much-needed funding to other projects in the region.

It’s done both of those things, but an added benefit, a God-designed outcome, is that it’s allowed Ken to enter into relationships with locals of different faith backgrounds. It’s given Ken an opportunity, a conversation starter.

mountain bikingOne Challenge, along with John & Ken, is excited to see how this creative venture will continue to serve the kingdom. God gives us ideas and creativity, sometimes ideas blossom, other times they fade. Regardless, it’s our responsibility to be obedient and see the Holy Spirit at work.

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray relationships would continue to be enhanced by this project.
  • Pray for opportunity to be a witness and for goodwill with locals.
  • Pray for the growth of the business.
      *Names changed for the security of local workers.    

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