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Global Alliance

The OC Global Alliance … Ten Years Later

Ten years ago, OC leaders from nations around the world met together in Manila to seek the Lord’s direction concerning how OC could more effectively respond to the growing number of mission workers He was raising up from the countries where OC teams were serving. These mission workers had a clear vision and passion to serve cross-culturally. “The Lord met with us in a powerful way and led us to establish the OC Global Alliance (OC GA), which we officially launched one year later in Worthing, England,” says Greg, former One Challenge president.

At the heart of the OC GA was a radical decision to flatten and diversify OC’s mission sending process from deploying workers solely through the United States (which had been the primary pattern up to 2009) to “peer sending structures” on OC fields around the world. Since the launching of the OC GA in 2010, leaders of the various mobilization centers have been meeting every two years to review how effectively the OC GA was functioning and to make changes needed to increase effectiveness.

Celebrating What the Lord Has Done

In the spring, the OC GA leaders met in Southeast Asia. One of the things discussed during the meeting was to review what the Lord has done over the past 10 years:

  • The number of Mobilization Centers increased from 10 to 14!
  • The number of personnel increased from 577 in 2009 to 1,101 in 2018!
  • The number of countries where the OC GA has resident ministry personnel increased from 23 to 43 with total ministry in more than 100 countries!
  • The number of decisions for Christ increased from 46,000 to 120,000!
  • The number of churches planted increased from 530 to 15,000!

In reviewing the great things God has done over the past 10 years, one of the participants in the recent meetings made the following statement:

“The Global Alliance is no longer an experiment … it’s a success!”

One Challenge thanks the Lord for His gracious hand on the OC Global Alliance over the past 10 years.

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