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Sepal … Building Up Brazilian Leaders in the U.S.

Empowering leaders is a huge part of One Challenge. This is particularly true for the Latin American branch of the OC Global Alliance called Sepal, which stands for “Serving Pastors and Leaders.” Barbosa works with the branch of Sepal located in the U.S. He works within the Brazilian community in the U.S. developing and encouraging leaders.

Encouraging in the U.S.

OC mission worker Barbosa Olivera works with Sepal USA to help encourage and grow Brazilian leaders in the U.S. One way he is does this is through a monthly leadership meeting with pastors.

“For almost three hours at a time, we discuss issues of leadership, pastoral issues, spirituality and ethics in ministry. It has been a very interesting group where friendships are forged and the ‘iron sharpens iron’ principle is lived in a very raw manner,” Barbosa says.

Sepal leaders

The men in the group express their thankfulness for the group’s camaraderie and opportunity to grow.

One participant says: “I am growing so much through our meetings. They are fulfilling a great developmental need in our lives, and I do believe it is an enormous need for many pastors like me who minister outside of our country.”

Another states: “Every time we are together, we reload our hearts with encouragement, refreshment, and hope.”

The Lord is at work in many ways through the Latino community in the U.S. One Challenge and Sepal USA are excited to see how God continues to build these relationships.

Pray for Sepal Leaders

  • Pray church leaders throughout Latin America and within the U.S. would be encouraged to continue to do the Lord’s work in their cities and nations.
  • Pray for the relationships Barbosa has developed with these leaders; pray they would grow and be fruitful.

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  • Michele Wilson says:

    Great articles depicting God’s hand of blessing on OC around the world!

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