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Sharing Joys and Challenges with Pastors’ Kids

Smiles through hardship. Laughter through pain. Hope beyond circumstances. Pastors’ kids (PKs) in Zimbabwe don’t have it easy, but they continue to look to their Savior – he is where their hope comes from.

A short video featuring a week-long retreat for pastors kids in Zimbabwe. The goal was to help them process their joys and challenges in a safe, fun environment.

For five days, a six-person One Challenge team shared, taught, and played alongside 19 PKs. The team gave space for the children to share their hearts while helping them discover their leadership styles, how to process grief, work in a team, and create mission statements. The children taught the team how to hope in challenges and have amazing resilience beyond circumstance.

Pastors' kids

Addressing a Need

OC workers Jay and Sarah have spent the last five years caring for and processing with pastors and their wives in Zimbabwe. Some of the wives expressed a desire for their children to be given the opportunity to share and process as well. Sarah invited Deänne, OC’s Director of MemberCare, to bring a team and help put on the retreat.

Pastors' kids

“God met the team and the children during the week,” says Kelli, a member of the team. “We believe he orchestrated the space for the kids to share and helped us determine the areas in which to counsel and mentor.”

Pastors' kids


Many of these Pastors’ kids expressed their excitement for the retreat.
Ilana, age 11, says: “The thing I loved about pastors’ kids retreat was meeting new friends, playing games, and I loved the food. The teachers and leaders are super nice and they help you.”
Michelle, age 19, says: “I learned how to be a good leader and I learned how to be a good steward. I learned how to be always faithful and patient. I discovered a lot about myself that I didn’t know before.”
David, age 12, says: “The thing God said to me is I should trust other people and build relationships.”
Shammaine, age 20, says: “I learned that I’m not the only person who’s got a painful story, everyone’s got one. It was so nice to listen to other people’s story and be able to share mine, and from that I built relationships.”

The need for pastors’ kids to have a platform to share their joys and pains in a safe place is a critical, regardless of age or country.

Pastors' kids
Pastors' kids

Pray for Zimbabwe

  • Pray for pastors and their families in Zimbabwe. Pray for margin in their lives and for good connections between parents and their children.
  • Pray for Sarah and Jay as they care for pastors and their families. Pray for insight how to best counsel those they care for.
  • Pray for the nation of Zimbabwe, for the physical and economic hardships its people experience daily. Pray for people to be discipled as Christ-followers.
Pastors' kids

Member Care One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge wants to encourage a high level of care for global workers, providing the opportunity for them to thrive in their countries of service, bringing the best of who they are to the kingdom growth effort. We pursue genuine relationships and accountability in family, friendship, team, ministry, and local communities of faith.

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