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Engaging with South Korea Mission Workers through Lifeworkx

“Reframing” past hurts and experiences is a fundamental step toward healing. Nate and Steve of Lifeworkx spent one week with South Korean mission workers helping them in in this journey. The second week they engaged with the staff at Acts 29 Vision Village Training Center of Onnuri Community Church through a full Lifeworkx course.

Lifeworkx Korea

“For 15 years we have been working with the Acts 29 Vision Village as a part of serving in the Home-2-Home program through reframing. This is the first year we were asked to serve using the whole Lifeworkx program; it is a significant build upon our longtime partnership!” says Steve, Lifeworkx director.

Processing with Mission Workers

For the 32 furloughing mission workers finishing their nine-month training program, the need to process their experiences was great. Many of the workers serve in challenging countries. Many carried pains from their pasts. For Steve, it was a joy to speak God’s truth into their lives.

Lifeworkx Korea

“Many of the mission workers carried deep father and mother wounds they were able to reframe. As I think about our week, the highlight for me was to speak directly to four men the words they always wanted to hear from their biological fathers. It was very emotional and at the same time it was very transformational for each man,” Steve says.

The women who needed to hear similar messages were blessed as well. A veteran female mission worker who has become a part of the training staff, Young He, stepped forward and became a spiritual mother to the women.

Lifeworkx Korea

It was a powerful week investing in these workers and helping them prepare to move back into full-time ministry.

Lifeworkx Training

During week two, Nate and Steve engaged in a Lifeworkx training with the staff of the Acts 29 training center.

“It was a very powerful four days together as team members shared their stories with one another and apologized for hurts caused – even from the senior leaders, which is completely counter-cultural for Korea,” Nate says.

Lifeworkx Korea

Getting to know themselves through MBTI and Strength Finder was also impactful. It gave each person opportunity to celebrate how God created each of them.

“In a land where ‘keeping a stiff upper lip’ and suffering in the workplace is considered normal, even in the church, they received the kingdom cultural truth that suffering for believers is only to happen when in contact with the world, not at the hands of those within the church,” Nate says. “They are blazing new trails! They dreamed how to move forward with health and effectiveness together.”

Member Care One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. One Challenge wants to encourage a high level of care for global workers, providing the opportunity for them to thrive in their countries of service, bringing the best of who they are to the kingdom growth effort. We pursue genuine relationships and accountability in family, friendship, team, ministry, and local communities of faith.

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