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New Façade – God’s Provision for Overdue Upgrades

Last fall, the One Challenge building for the U.S. Mobilization Center (US-MC) undertook a new and much-needed project: the restoration of the building’s façade. The outside of the building had not been updated since its construction over 35 years ago, so this facelift was long overdue. When a new friend of an OC staff member learned which building was the US-MC, the response was, “Oh! The ugly one!”

One Challenge building

Cosmetics alone was not, however, the driving force behind the project. Safety codes and regulations needed to be made up to date, particularly to reduce fire hazards because of the wooden shingles. These are being replaced with steel shingles and metal paneling.

Restoration Projects

The façade restoration is one part of several ongoing building repair projects, which also included last year’s elevator repair, LED lighting upgrade throughout the building, and the HVAC replacement with a new roof the year before. “Over the last five years, there have been major efforts to replace the broken and aged parts of our building,” says Keith Copley, the director of facilities. “We will have spent a million dollars in repairs and upgrades by the end of this project.”

A critical strand of One Challenge DNA is care and support of the mission workers overseas. The departments housed in the Colorado Springs building – MemberCare, Finance, Personnel, Communications, IT, etc. – make up the team that makes sure mission workers are healthy and thriving in their ministries. A safe building contributes to that. Also, the building in Colorado Springs is home to other ministries and businesses. It’s a vital part of what keeps OC running smoothly.

God’s Provision

Keith is particularly excited about the project because of his family legacy of caring for the US-MC. In a huge gesture of blessing to OC, Keith’s father left over $500,000 in a legacy gift partly dedicated to caring for the physical building. A portion of these funds are providing the finances needed to pay for the façade project. We thank God for providing so generously for our needs.  Keith says jokingly, “I am having a blast investing my daddy’s money! I think he would be so pleased.”

Stages of Construction

Stage One of the façade project involved extensive demolition of the building’s original construction. The construction crew spent over two weeks ripping the shingles and old materials off the façade. The crew also added waterproofing layers as they went to ensure that no part of the building would be damaged by snow or rain during the process.

One Challenge building

Stage Two was laying steel shingles on the top portion of the façade, completed after about two weeks.

One Challenge building

Stage Three is securing the metal panels on the face and soffit of the façade. 

One Challenge building

The End in Sight

Currently, construction crews are wrapping up the installment of the new materials. Although weather delays and other factors have made this process longer than anticipated, One Challenge is ready for the renovation to come to a close by mid March.

We thank the Lord for his provision of this building when OC moved here in the 90s, and we thank Him for the provision of the upgrades. Without Him, we can accomplish nothing.

Photo Highlights from the Construction

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