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Ministry Collaboration While Biking in Brazil

Camaraderie and creativity are essential parts of ministry and have become even more precious during the COVID-19 pandemic. OC workers Doug and Barbara have spent this time, as they normally do, encouraging the pastors and leaders they work alongside. Doug has even started ministry collaboration while biking in Brazil!

Relationship with pastors and leaders in Brazil can be both fruitful and fun. Two of Doug’s “biker buddies” are pastors of local churches, Pastor Marcos and Pastor Nilton. The three men not only share fun together, they also share ideas regarding ministry.

Ministry Collaboration While Biking in Brazil

“During our bike rides, we share ideas about how our lives and ministry might be different after this period of ‘safer-at-home,’” Doug says. “We are imagining that the current closure of church meetings might mean we will have a chance to restart with some new energy and focus in ministry.”

Growing Strong and Bearing Fruit

Like many churches in the U.S., Brazilian pastors are answering questions of ministry, care for high-risk congregants, and how to impact their communities. As a result of these biking conversations, the three men are gathering other pastors and leaders to write a booklet entitled, Growing Strong and Bearing Fruit in a Pandemic – How churches and their leaders can respond after sheltering-at-home.

“We are inviting 10 local pastors to each write a different chapter in a simple, practical, and accessible language format,” Doug says. “We hope the booklet will be useful both in cities like Natal and in smaller communities in the rural areas.”

The pastors contributing to the booklet are exploring deep and meaningful topics. This list of titles speaks to needs during the pandemic, but also to the church’s response to ongoing challenges and questions.

Growing Strong and Bearing Fruit in a Pandemic

  1. Ministry that reflects the simplicity of Jesus in Matthew 9:35-10:1.
  2. Ministry to the most vulnerable and to high-risk groups in the community.
  3. Special care with hygiene and preventing infections in churches and ministry.
  4. How churches can become involved in the life and needs of their local communities.
  5. The importance and limits of technology and the internet to fulfill the mission of the church.
  6. Finances and stewardship in times of a worldwide recession.
  7. Balancing the advantages of ministry callings that are full time or bi-vocational.
  8. Ministry to people who suffer emotional and psychological problems from the pandemic.
  9. Interpreting the times of pandemic in light of biblical teaching on the end times.
  10. The challenges of rebuilding local ministry and rebuilding missions into all the world.
Ministry Collaboration While Biking in Brazil

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for Doug and Barbara as they continue to encourage and work alongside leaders in Brazil. 
  • Pray this booklet, Growing Strong and Bearing Fruit in a Pandemic, will be useful to city and rural pastors alike.
  • Pray for Brazil as they are experiencing high cases and deaths due to COVID-19. Pray for wisdom for pastors consoling grieving communities.

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