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Small Miracles – a Half Can of Rice

It’s not often there is opportunity to share stories that are a direct answer to prayer. An OC worker in Southeast Asia shared this story of God’s provision – an encouraging story of hope.

Mel* says: “Since the hunger here is far greater than the government, NGO’s, and what we are supplying through our Nutrition for the Hungriest program can provide, I started praying weeks ago that God would multiply the food families have; that they would see miracles, come to faith, and tell their stories for His glory.”

Here is the story of God’s miraculous provision for one family:

Mrs. P and her family live in the R Islands. She looked at the half can of raw rice left. It was enough for about two days for their family of four. Her husband is a fisherman. He hadn’t caught much recently, and the money was already gone.

As she looked at the half can full of rice, she remembered a story she had studied in her little house-church study group many months before. The passage they studied, I Kings 17:10-16, told the miracle story of the flour and oil that never ran out for the widow. She prayed and asked God if He could do that kind of miracle for their family so they wouldn’t run out of rice.

Her husband was getting ready to go out for several days of fishing and told his wife he needed to take a couple days’ worth of raw rice with him to cook while he was away. He packed up the raw rice he needed and left for his fishing trip early the next morning. The next day Mrs. P went to cook rice for her two daughters and herself and was surprised to see there was still a half can of rice in the kitchen. Her husband must have forgotten to pack his rice for the trip.

Upon his return home, she asked him if he had forgotten to take his rice along. He said “No, I took a full can with me.” She said, “How is that possible? There was only a half can before you took your portion. After you left, I went in the kitchen to start breakfast and there was still a half can of raw rice. I thought you forgot to take your share.” She suddenly remembered her prayer a few days earlier and realized God had answered! They had enough rice for several days after her husband returned from fishing. It was at the end of their rice supply one of the leaders in our movement arrived at their house with food for several weeks from our “Nutrition for the Hungriest” program.

One Challenge is celebrating the hope God brings. He continues to do miracles!

Pray with One Challenge

  • Pray for the Nutrition for the Hungriest program. Pray it would be able to feed as many families as possible during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Pray God’s hope would bring more people into the loving arms of Christ.
  • Pray for wisdom for the team to discern how to best do ministry and where to engage with people.

*Names changed and general photos used for security purposes

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