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Spiritual Formation

Discovering Our Identity in Jesus: Episode 4-The Light

Discovering Our Identity in Jesus

Jesus is the light of the world.  

Have you ever thought about the power of light? Light imagery is used throughout literature and films to suggest the good, the true, and the hope at the start of something new. Children often claim to be afraid of the dark… and not just children, I know I much prefer walking down a well-lit street at night over stumbling down a dark road.  

In this new series of video blogs (or “vlogs”), we explore some of the “I am” statements of Jesus by answering two questions: Who is Jesus? and Who are we?

Engaging with the Vlog: An Invitation to Pay Attention

As you hear the video, listen to the words, especially the words of Scripture. 

  • Which words stand out to you? You might want to jot those words down to help you remember.
  • As you hear the words “Light of the world”, what images come to mind? What reaction do you have to Jesus calling himself the Light of the world, and his invitation for us to shine his light in the world? 
  • What power do you associate with light? Where do you notice darkness in your life?

There are a lot of images of “light” in this video. I live near the sea and I like to end the day watching the sun go down.  I often hear a word from the Lord as I watch day turn to night.

  • Were there any images in the video that particularly drew your attention?
  • What words can you use to describe the images that drew your attention?
  • Think about a time when you experienced light (maybe a sunrise, sunset, at the end of a tunnel…). How does your body respond or react to light?

Try this simple spiritual exercise for noticing light: 

Wherever you are sitting, make it dark. Turn off your screen, switch off the lights, pull the curtains, loosely cover your eyes. With your eyes open, sit in the dark for long enough that you are quiet, still, and aware of the darkness.

  • What do you notice as you sit in the darkness?
  • What happens in your body? 
  • What emotions do you feel?

When you are ready, turn on the light. 

  • What was the first thing you did with your body when the light came on?
  • How did your emotions change with the light?

How have you experienced Jesus as the Light?

What is the invitation for you in first receiving the light, then shining it for others to see?

I would love to engage with you further, if it would be of value to you. If you’d like to leave a public comment, please do so below. If you’d like to connect with me personally, you may do so in an email to

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