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Spiritual Formation

Listening to God: Episode 1 (Samuel)

Each episode in the series will include a reading of the Bible passage, about 3 short concept videos (like mini lessons from the Bible passage), and a prayer exercise focusing on a Psalm that you can use as a “listening practice”.

Teaching Concept 1 – When God calls Samuel by name, Samuel (and Eli initially) gets it wrong

The first thing that stands out to me in 1 Samuel chapter 3 is that the Lord approaches Samuel and calls him by name, 4 separate times. The first 2 times neither Samuel nor the wiser, more mature Eli think it could be the Lord. After the second time, we learn that Samuel doesn’t yet know the Lord. This reminds us that God always initiates the movement in us. Our part is always to hear, respond, and obey. But, even Eli understands after the Lord calls to the boy 3 times. I often wonder how many times God has had to call me before I recognize his voice.

Teaching Concept 2 – Response: Silence and Sharing

Today, we’re going to look at Samuel’s response to hearing God’s message to him. We’re not going to look at the message God shares with Samuel, but we’ll skip ahead to verse 15. I see two distinct responses from Samuel after hearing from the Lord.

Teaching Concept 3 – Fresh start in the relationship between God and Israel

For the final concept of 1 Samuel 3 we’ll explore the movement of God in the “becoming” of Samuel and Israel. There is a notable difference between the life and identity of Samuel and of Israel, God’s people, in the beginning and the end of the chapter.

As we hear from God, and respond in obedience, we grow in our relationship with God, in our identity as his people, and in our relationship with others in the world around us. This is the movement God invites us to experience in our lives. How will we respond to the invitation to hear God as he speaks to us? Take a minute or two to record some of your reflections, or anything that this concept may have stirred in you.

Prayer Exercise – Psalm 46

Listening to God Video Series – Episode Guide

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More Spiritual Formation Resources

We are One Challenge mission workers serving the whole body of Christ by developing a new generation of leaders. The Holy Spirit is always inviting us to know God more and do the work of becoming who God has designed us to be.

These resources include blog postsoriginal worship musicimages accompanied by Scriptureprayer exercises, and much more. Whatever the Lord gives us, we want to offer to you so you can be blessed in your walk with Jesus.

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