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Global Mobilization

Mobilizing is coming alongside people to help them move from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Mobilizing Effectively

When invited by local leaders, OC facilitates local bodies of believers to identify, train, and send global workers toward realizing a “from everywhere to everywhere” vision.

What Mobilization Looks Like:

    • We Equip Local Churches to Identify, Train & Send Mission Workers
    • KAIROS – A 9 Session Discipleship Training Program
    • Perspectives – A Comprehensive Study Course that is Rooted in the Scriptures

Mobilization Blog Posts

what is the one challengeFeaturedGlobal Mobilization

What is the One Challenge?

As you may imagine, what is the “one challenge” is one of the most common questions we are asked. A common question with a simple answer. The One Challenge is…
MomentumAmericasGlobal Mobilization

Momentum – Moving with God in Our Changing World

Momentum is a powerful force in nature and in life. Imagine an avalanche cascading down a mountain slope or a cyclist propelled downhill by the force of gravity. Even better,…
AmericasGlobal MobilizationRecruitment

Get Plugged in with One Challenge Ministry

Connect Pray with us daily with requests for OC workers and the global body of Christ posted online at Learn Discover how God is transforming the world through stories…
leadership transitionsAmericasGlobal Mobilization

Senior Leadership Succession: Personnel Transitions at the US-MC

This year One Challenge celebrates its 70th year of global ministry. With that we are also celebrating some faithful U.S. Mobilization Center (US-MC) leaders who have served for decades and are…
partnershipGlobal Mobilization

Prayer Focus: Partnering Together Since 1952

In 2022, One Challenge turns 70 years old! The types of ministries, countries, and people have changed, but the foundation on which founder Dick Hillis created OC remains the same.…
New Year'sAmericasGlobal Mobilization

Going into 2022 with Courageous Love

One Challenge’s theme going into 2022 is courageous love: boldly engaging in a broken world. Our prayer is to live out Paul’s charge in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, “Be on your…

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